23 thoughts on “Last first-round matchups”

  1. Aroung the Horn is the ACC of “Road to Bristol”.

    Paige, S.A. Smith, Reali, Whitlock are all potential #1’s. Not to mention that assclown from LA who i cant even remember his name, he’s old?, doesnt have a clue??, well the old part at least narrowed it down. Him too.

  2. yes, Plaschke. Whitlock claimed last week that he wasnt worried when Lance lost the yellow jersey, “because Lance isnt a climber, he’s sprinter, he’ll be fine when they get out of the mountains”. I wanted to break my TV. Its not like he didnt have SEVEN concsecutive years of history to judge from. He could have at least read a one paragraph Bio on one of the decades biggest sports figures. This guy getting paid to comment on sports, is yet one more reason I grimmace when I turn on ESP-Insider, knowing that it will be a gut wrenching, emotional roller coaster, where joy can turn to disgust in 3 minutes. “After the break, we’ll talk to Stephen A. Smith….”

  3. This thing is becomming huge! I wonder how long before guys from ESPN start voting.

    If ATH is the ACC then Baseball Tonight is the Big 12. Kruk, Bowa, Gammons, Reynolds, Kurkgahohnpin, Phillips…

    Sports Center is Confernce USA, Game Day is the SEC.

  4. I want to vote against Herby for his consistent discounting of USC last season…right up until they destroyed Oklahoma. But against one of the five biggest a******* on the planet? He can’t win that one.

  5. This thing is becomming huge! I wonder how long before guys from ESPN start voting.

    The voting results really need to be tracked on the ESPNnews crawl. There are at least as many people interested in these results than the WBNA scores.

  6. You need to check IPs to see how many from ESPN actually vote, and for whom they cast their ballots.

  7. Both the Mariotti/Olney and the Bowa/Mark Jackson posts have unclosed tags that mess up the page a bit in Firefox.

  8. Linda Cohn is filling in for Dan Patrick on the radio today. She should have been rated higher. She just sucked up to Bret Favre for 3 min. (Now I love Bret Favre, he is such a great QB and a hall of famer…) Then she riped into him and did like Favre is somewhere listening.

  9. Linda Cohn has set women sportscasters back 20 years. Easily should be top 3 eed. Because of her, I’m back to expecting nothing but “eye candy”. I think she should be relegated to doing only Joe Namath interviews, its the only think her knowledge and looks qualify her for.

    Jenny, I suggest you major in journalism. Same for any other female that has posted with lucidity.

  10. She just spent the last segment with Phil Simms telling him how great he is/was. Then they start in on how fans shouldn’t boo other teams, but cheer for their own, “it’s wrong and something should be done about it.”

    I thought they were going to have phone sex over the air.

  11. Okay, we underseeded her. (Largely because she’s on the west coast SportsCenter most of the time and we’re asleep by then.) But come on, this is Vitale.

  12. I don’t think were gonna be seeing any Falcon NFL players on the feild until Jeff cools off.

  13. I would have to think so. Sorry about the image, here is what she was talking about…

    L.C.-Joe, who are the best three ways in the NFL. Ha ha ha! I couldn’t resist my self Joe.
    Joe: Ha, ha, ha. Linda (mumbles something, Linda laughs again.)
    Then they talk about the best WR/QB/RB combo of all time in the NFL.

  14. Clarify, because of her lack of sports knowledge, I now expect only eye candy from female reporters OTHER than cohn. Hence, her suitability for interviewing Joe Namath, Linda Cohn is like cryponite to the male libido.

  15. Gor. ESPN is like a dog with a bone(no offense doubledawg). They just won’t let go. I think they’ve been talking about this “Best QB/WR/RB combo” for about 3 days now. This is main reson I hardly ever listen/watch ESPN is they beat to death everything they do(Yanks/Red Sox-anything related to Yankees).

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