– MLB – Recap – Braves at Phillies – 09/27/2003

Oh, what a disaster. The Braves led 5-0 but Bobby played the game like spring training, as I’d expected, and the scrubs couldn’t do much. Then John Smoltz, leading by two with two out in the ninth, couldn’t get the save. And Ray King allowed a leadoff double in the tenth — then leaving with something wrong with his left shoulder.

The Braves used ten pitchers, a team record. Mike Hampton started the game but went only two innings, allowing a run on a homer. But then Shane Reynolds came in, somehow not allowing a run in two innings. Darren Holmes had nothing then left the game, possibly with an injury, allowing two runs. Boom-Boom and Gryboski got to the eighth, but Cunnane allowed one run, then the disaster.

Javy Lopez set the record for catcher home runs with his 43rd total of the year, then left the game. The Braves used all three catchers, and the only regular on the field at the end was, I believe, Sheffield. (Julio Franco and Mark DeRosa started and played the whole game.)

The Giants are losing in the first of a doubleheader, but it’s close and early. Right now, they’re a half game behind the Braves, but ahead in the loss column. The Cubs’ magic number is now only one after a win and an Astros loss.