Atlanta 6 Philadelphia 4 – MLB – MLB RECAP

One game now separates the Braves and Phillies after today’s game. John Smoltz pitched two full innings to get the save, and the Braves pounded out 16 hits.

The offensive heroes were Julio Franco, who hit a three-run homer to give the Braves the lead in the sixth, and JD Drew, who had four hits, including a homer and a double, scored twice, and drove in two. Eli Marrero also had three hits and is now at .339; your guess is as good as mine why he’s still batting ninth.

Russ Ortiz wasn’t as sharp as he’s been in recent outings, walking five and striking out only two, but was able to get a number of Phillie hitters with weak popups. He allowed four runs in 5 2/3 and left the game with two on. Alfonseca got out of the jam, Reitsma pitched after him, and then Smoltz game on, striking out three and allowing two hits for the save. The Phillies got those hits back-to-back leading off the ninth, but Smoltz got Thome, Burrell, and Ledee to end it.

Larry Bowa is a putz… What a time for the All-Star break, huh? Well, Marcus should be back either in the first series after (four against the Expos). Hopefully, Jesse Garcia will get the axe, but we’ll see.

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  1. Mac, I’ve never heard anyone affiliated with baseball referred to as a putz. You never cease to amaze me. Who else could be considered a putz in baseball, now that you said that?

    I am thoroughly excited that the Braves have won 13 of 17 going into the All-Star break and are one game back of the Phillies. I hate to sound clichŤ, but who would have thought we would be here when we had tons of injuries, DeRosa was “playing” full-time and we were 6 games under? Also, just think if we won yesterday, we would be tied for the lead. 13 of 17 was impressive and hard to ask, and 14 of 17 would be even tougher, but still…

  2. I venture to suggest that it would be better to keep Garcia and send Mark DeRosa to Richmond to play every day and try to remember how to hit.

    It’s not like anyone would claim him off waivers.

  3. It seems to me that DeRosa is back in the role he was made for. If the Braves designated him for assignment at this point, it would indicate to him that we were through with him. He’s still agitating for a starting role, so my guess is that he’d refuse the assignment. They won’t go that route.

    Turner South did a profile on DeRosa at his house a while back, and all I could think was that he had too much house, considering his uncertain future….

  4. DeRosa’s been pretty good of late, and he’d have to be better than Garcia. Plus I think somebody probably would claim him. There are any number of teams with worse utility infielders, if few with worse regulars, and he’s cheap.

  5. There has been much complaining in recent years (including a lot by me) about the crapiness of the Braves’ bench. Well, assuming Giles comes back soon as scheduled and Garcia gets sent down, a bench of DeRosa, Green, Perez, Marrero (or Thomas) and Franco (or LaRoche) would be pretty strong. Although it lacks a lefty pinch-hitter versus righties, I can’t remember a better Atlanta bench since the mid-90s.

  6. Keep DeRosa-he’s not a regular but a good utility man and he has more punch than Garcia. The Braves need to make a move to help the bullpen–other moves are not realistic. The Braves just do not have the resourcs (or are not willing to spend them) to make a blockbuster trade and they have not done so in several years.

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