Atlanta 6, Philadelphia 0 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Phillies – 09/26/2003

The Phillies were eliminated last night, and played like it tonight, rolling over for Horacio Ramirez and the Braves, who are still playing for something. Horacio pitched six, struck out two, didn’t walk anyone, and needed only 75 pitches/50 strikes. Wright, King, Cunnane, and Mercker combined for three innings of hitless relief. If the Phillies still cared, it would be more impressive, but it’s still good to see.

Vicente Padilla, Braves killer from way back, kept his mates in the game they didn’t care about. Marcus had a solo homer among his two hits, breaking a scoreless tie in the sixth. Furcal and Fick also had two hits, and the Braves had twelve in all. Javy hit a two-run double in the seventh and later scored.

Vinny was back in the lineup after several days off and provided his usual GIDP (it did score a run) but also a double. Bobby started his standard lineup — I wouldn’t expect that the last two games — but managed to get the bench involved late.

4 thoughts on “Atlanta 6, Philadelphia 0”

  1. I for one am extremely glad that Bobby played the starters for the majority of the game. Home field advantage is likely what will decide the Giants and Braves NLCS when it likely comes to that. In fact, I’d venture to say that home field advantage may decide whether or not Atlanta wins the whole thing this year because San Francisco is byfar the biggest threat.

  2. Well, I was glad he had the regulars in but not for exactly the same reason. After a few weeks of resting everyone up and getting ready for the postseason, it’s about time we started getting on a roll again. I think the Braves are getting in shape for the playoffs, and I like to see that everyone of the regulars is still healthy and in tip-top form by Tuesday, not having had five days off or something.

  3. Random note:

    If the Braves score 6 runs over the next two games, they will have 900 on the year.

    Slight change from last year, no?

  4. I’ve been trying not to get wrapped up too much in home field and matchups, because the luck factor and which individuals happen to be hot or cold will likely be the determining factors.

    That said, San Fran is 55-23 at home (3.30 ERA, 782 team OPS), vs. 43-37 on the road (4.17 ERA, 743 team OPS). Bonds has a 1.380 OPS at home, but is at a Belliardesque 1.177 on the road.

    (that, of course, was sarcasm)

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