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Guess I didn’t miss too much when I had to go to sleep. (Hey, I have to earn a living, here.) The Braves gave up three runs in the third, partly due to some defensive breakdowns — a gapper that wasn’t hit that hard turning into a triple, DeWayne “Mr. Defense” Wise badly overthrowing a dead-duck Edgardo Alfonzo at the plate — and couldn’t come back. Mark DeRosa did hit a two-run homer in the fifth to keep up his hot hitting, but that was it.

Horacio Ramirez went 6 1/3, has an ERA of 2.73, and is 0-2. He struck out six and walked four, but two of those were intentional walks of Bonds, which hardly even count at this stage. Kevin Gryboski, not Base12, actually finished the game to keep it close.

The Braves blew opportunity after opportunity early and it cost them. The Braves had six hits and drew six walks, but only Wise (on a walk!) of the bottom three hitters did anything. Eddie Perez, who is Horacio’s personal catcher now even if they aren’t saying it, struck out with Andruw on third and one out in the second… Mike Hessman did make it to the game. He pinch hit, and struck out. What are the odds?

Jaret Wright versus Kirk Rueter tonight/tomorrow morning. If Julio and Marrero aren’t ready to go, the lineup is not going to be pretty. (Hessman at first, or Hessman in left?) I know Rueter doesn’t throw hard but that doesn’t mean you need to give him a handicap.

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  1. I’m guessing Hessman in left–there’s not much to gain by giving Wise ABs vs. LHP at LaRoche’s expense. (Incidentally, Mets fans missed a golden opportunity a couple of weeks ago. DeWayne’s first name? You guessed it, Larry….)

    re: Eddie Perez I’ve always liked the personal catcher idea, especially the way it was put by the Braves announcers last night. It makes sense to match up your youngest, least experienced starter with the experienced backup catcher.

  2. It’s certainly working out fine from Ramirez’s perspective: he has pitched magnificently. I dont think anyone is really fooled by him being 0-2. He’s done a lot of things right, and as good as anyone on the staff besides Thomson, kept the team in all the games.

    It was tough not to be able to get that one extra run, but it’s gonna happen. Schmidt is a pretty darn good pitcher himself. I hope our boys find Reuter an easier target tonite.

  3. Horacio has pitched probably not quite as well as his peripherals – 16 BB to 13 K in 26 IP. But he’s pitched well, has kept the ball in the park, and the team has really squandered that performance.


  4. I don’t think Julio made the trip. Apparently something to do with flying with his banged-up ears.

    Again, not sure, but I think I heard Don or Pete say this last night.

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