– MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins – 07/02/2003

Hey, a win! It wasn’t easy. Horacio Ramirez matched Dontrelle Willis pitch for pitch through the seventh, (Willis went eight) both teams scoring one run off the starters. Then it turned over to the bullpens, and the Braves’ old guys pitched great baseball.

Holmes went one, and struck out two with no runners. Boom-Boom had a perfect inning with one strikeout. King pitched two, allowing a walk and striking out two. And Gryboski walked one in one inning, picking up the win when the Braves finally scored again on Furcal’s solo shot in the top of the 13th. Smoltz allowed the only hit off the bullpen, and that was an infield single, then got two Ks and a popup.

Furcal scored both Braves runs, the first in the sixth on Sheffield’s bloop single. The Braves had 11 hits and three walks, which would have been a lot more impressive in nine innings. The thing about playing 13 innings is that if you have a really bad day, it’s a slump all on its own. Giles was 0-6, the only Brave not to get a hit.

The Phillies finally lost, and the Braves’ lead is back to 5 1/2. The Expos are seven back, the Marlins now eleven, and the Mets are beneath contempt. The Braves host Montreal for four starting tomorrow; I’d seriously think about making a roster move or two after what the pen’s been through the last three days.