Atlanta 5, Washington 3 – MLB – Box Score – Nationals at Braves

Scenes from the Andruw Show…

In the first inning, trailing 1-0, Andruw hit a three-run homer to give the Braves the lead. But in the third, he came up in the same situation, two on, one out, and hit into a double play. Then in the fifth, with the score tied at three, he came up with the bases loaded, one out, and singled in two to reach the final score. He also added a wickedly hit single leading off the eighth.

Horacio Ramirez… Well, this day/night thing may have some validity. He looked pretty terrible until about six PM local time, then started mowing the Natspos down. After giving up all three runs to Marlon Byrd (who wound up the triple short of the cycle) he pitched well in the sixth and seventh — long after I would have pulled him — and got the win.

Reitsma started the eighth, but was pulled with two on, one out, after striking out the last batter he faced, possibly because Vinny Castilla was on deck and is 5-12 against Reitsma in his career. Farnsworth picked off the runner at first, then retired Vinny, then pitched the ninth for the save.

Furcal sat out again. Langerhans led off and had a pair of doubles. The top four hitters were 6-13 with three walks and all five runs scored. The bottom five had one hit (by McCann) and two walks, one intentional.

Consider this the game thread for game two, Thomson versus Livan. If Livan’s ever going to win a regular season game in Turner Field, this is his matchup.

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  1. this numbers dont help andruw’s bid for mvp.

    Runners on:
    Lee: 195 AB – .323/.434/.615
    Pujols: 224 AB – .313/.425/.603
    Jones: 245 AB – .257/.361/.510

    Lee: 111 AB – .351/.487/.712
    Pujols: 118 AB – .331/.494/.585
    Jones: 152 AB – .224/.340/.395

  2. It’s pretty much quality start or bust for Thomson tonight, isn’t it? With all the new guys coming up tomorrow angling for innings, I’d assume he’d get all but shut down if he can’t perform tonight.

  3. Yeah. I was totally wrong about him being okay after a few starts. He was lucky to get out of that inning with one run. He looks atrocious.

  4. Orr, yet again, hustles his way on base. Watch him steal second and hustle home on a bloop hit by KJ.

  5. Paciorek with the line of the night about Jim Bowden
    “He is not afraid to pull a deal. or wear an ugly shirt.”

  6. Sounds like Thomson is pitching in danger, but wriggling off. Just got back to computer, is that about right?

  7. Do you get the idea that if Frank *had* said something there, the ump would have tossed him? Pete is talking about the staring match.

  8. man on espn they showed the stare match frank and the ump had. they literally stared at each other without saying a word for about 2 minutes

  9. Gameday just indicated that Marcus is in for Chipper; I assume moving Orr over to third. I really, really hope he hasn’t aggravated that foot.

  10. Stomach virus for Mr Larry Jones, must have eaten too much between the games…

    LaRoche looked absolutely hopeless in that at bat…

  11. Kirk, Orr looked terrible playing third base earlier this season. Marcus looked decent in his only defensive play in tonight’s game. I guess Marcus is ok there.

  12. Wasn’t Orr a shortstop originally? I would have thought Orr at SS, Betemit at 3rd, and Giles at 2nd.

  13. Sac bunt? Here?

    What’s Thomson’s average? Seriously? Unless there’s a significant chance of him hitting into a double play, I don’t agree with giving up an out.

    ESPECIALLY with two strikes.

  14. Pete’s funny: “Estrada doesn’t run well, Thomson will need to get down a very good bunt.” Saying Estrada doesn’t run well is like saying gas is a bit too expensive.

  15. The funny thing about the article your reach if you click on “The DIPS Gods” name is that the main conclusion he reaches probably isn’t even true, but it introduced a powerful way to evaluate pitchers and predict their future performance.

    “The critical thing to understand is that major-league pitchers don’t appear to have the ability to prevent hits on balls in play.” JC’s work on this is top-notch and worth reviewing for anyone remotely interested in the topic.

  16. Finally, a 1-2-3 inning. Is that his first of the game? And up to 100 pitches for the first time since he came off the DL>

  17. If we’re going to lose this game, I would much rather it just blow up in the 7th instead of having to watch their bullpen grind through our lineup, stranding a runner or two every inning.

  18. Say, could you call interference on Johnson to prevent Orr from recovering the ball?

  19. Kelly Johnson is the worst left fielder in baseball and the worst player on the team
    I think Kolb should play over KJ.

  20. KJ is a good player with the potential to be great.

    However, in this situation, you take him out for the pitcher.

  21. thats gota be a first for guzman 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 extra base hits in 1!!!!!!!!!!111 game, the sky is falling

  22. No, Smitty, KJ is the worst player ever! No, he’s a secret deep-cover operative for the Phillies! No, he’s Osama bin Laden in disguise! No, he’s the devil!

  23. Has Kelly done anything other than that grandslam in Cinncy? He has killed the team at least 15 times this season. He is a bigger rally killer than LaRoche. HE is the moddern day Kieth Suckhard!

  24. Y’all have flipped, I think – ragging on KJ so hard you didn’t have a word for Danny boy that inning?

  25. Potential is nice, results are what count.
    People I would like to see in the game over KJ right now.

    Willie Mays Hayes
    Hank Aaron
    Dale Murphy
    Ty Cobb
    Alexander Hamilton
    Frank Robinson
    Lt. Dan from “Forest Gump”

  26. My goodness.

    IBB to LaRoche?


    Of course I don’t have a ton of faith in Hollandsworth either, but that’s an odd choice..

  27. After seeing the actual makeup of the bench this game, I’m won over to the 10-pitcher, call-up-Marte school of thought. Alex R. is totally right about needing another righty on the bench, especially when Franco starts at first.

  28. The funniest thing I ever saw in baseball was seeing Cristian Guzman intentionally walked to get to Livan Hernandez a few weeks ago.
    Yes, Livan singled.

  29. Holly needs to make up for getting himself picked off. Do some good, now, ya hear?

  30. Okay, Stanton in to face McCann, with no other catchers on the bench. How’s Brian been against leftys?

  31. More people I like in left over KJ right now…

    Lonnie Smith (no wait…)
    Alex R
    Frank Sinatra
    That short guy the St Louis Browns sent in as a pub. stunt
    Bart Simpson

  32. JoeyT, Betemit is supposed to be that second righthanded batter off the bench. We still have Furcal, wish he is healthy enough to at least pitch hit…

  33. NO! Stupid slow LaRoche.

    Ah well, it’s tied, and Livan’s out. As long as the Brave’s bullpen doesn’t blow it, there’s a chance.

    I don’t know if I can take extra innings though. These last three games have been draining on me.

  34. Talk about an up and down moment there. :) Still, I’d have sent him as well, with the pitcher spot up next.

  35. All of which will rate Betemit another chance to either ph or bat 8th in the playoffs. Gotta have them intangibles in the middle of the order.

  36. Wow, I checked the score just in time to kill the rally. I’ll go back to watching the ER season 2 DVD now. Sorry.

  37. Watching the Yanks game here in NJ and they claim the Braves made the highest offer to King Felix, but he just felt more comfortable in Seattle. Oh my god, what might have been.

  38. It had to have been Kelly Johnson’s fault. Rietsma should have held him at second. Dumb asses!

  39. The first 47 year old to hit a bloop fly with the score 3-4 and no outs in the bottom of the 9th.

  40. So, Smitty, after not catching McCann’s ball at third and making the last out, did Giles cost us the game?


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