Another message from a Brave

“Hi, I’m Shane Reynolds, and I’m probably the Devil, as shown by my ERA, rapidly approaching 6.66.”

Seriously, what does it take for this guy to lose his job?

UPDATE: Honestly, what is Bobby thinking? Is Bobby thinking? If the fans strung up Reynolds on the left field flag pole, would any jury convict?

7 thoughts on “Another message from a Brave”

  1. Why not pull him now before they trail 8-0 again? At least a 3 run deficit is manageable.

  2. 5-0 now which, given the way the offense has been going of late, doesn’t look so manageable.

  3. At least TBS isn’t showing his latest effort. It would be worse to have to see it.

  4. Why is Shane Reynolds still in this game? Has Cox decidd we’re losing, and the bullpen is resting, and that’s that?

    There is something strangely compelling in wondering what Shane would do given a full 9 innings…

  5. Like others in the non-Turner South universe, I had to follow tonight’s game on’s gamecast. Does anyone who actually saw it (or heard it on radio) know how deep Sheffield’s fly to end the game was? Just curious…

    Prediction corner — Reynolds doesn’t last the weekend. Marquis or Hodges makes the next start in that slot.

    Hey Mac, how about a Shane Reynolds Death Watch graphic?

  6. I would have thought Marquis or Hodges would have made this start. He totally gives them no chance to win every time out. I don’t feel as bad when they lose when he pitches since they should lose.

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