– MLB – Recap – Mets at Braves

Let the Willie Randolph Death Watch begin! Brian Jordan was the big hero of the night, hitting a second-inning grand slam on his way to going 2-3 with a walk and two runs scored. If Adam LaRoche wasn’t so slow, Jordan would have picked up another RBI; LaRoche was thrown out at home in the sixth trying to score from second on a Jordan single. The same thing happened to Chipper on Andruw’s single in the first, both times challenging Cliff Floyd’s arm. I hate it when they lose runners like that, but with two out it’s probably worth the risk.

Chipper did later homer to make up for it. Every Braves starting position player (Orr played for Giles tonight) got a hit, Furcal adding an RBI in the eighth which broke a long hitless streak. Mondesi’s only hit was a questionable infield single, and he looks totally lost out there.

Horacio Ramirez started okay but lost his command in the fifth, allowing a homer and then two singles and a walk to cut the lead to 4-2. Gryboski got the last out of that inning. Adam Bernero picked up his second relief win, allowing but one single and striking out two in two innings, and Sosa had one walk in one inning. Reitsma, being Reitsma, allowed a run in the ninth.

Ugly Shirt Day will be tomorrow, as the Braves wear the pizza delivery uniforms that will be their “alternate home jerseys”. I hate alternate home jerseys. It’s stupid, and most of them are ugly, and this one is no exception. Smoltz will face Pedro Martinez, and they’ll be modeling this offense to fashion and tradition.