ESPN.com – MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins – 07/01/2003

It’s only Tuesday, and this week is already a disaster. I’m sure it could get worse, but let’s not think about how.

The Marlins scored in every inning but the third. The Braves’ one run came in the first, on a groundout. The Braves had only four hits.

Hampton went four innings, giving up nine runs — and was arguably the Braves’ most effective pitcher. His only competition was Boom-Boom Bobby, who pitched the eighth and gave up two. Jung Bong gave up five in two innings, Hodges four in only one. I assume a bullpen massacre is coming soon. Schuerholz has to do something.

The Phlipping Phillies won again, and the lead is 4 1/2. The Expos lost. The game tomorrow features two rookies, Dontrelle Willis for the Marlins and Horacio Ramirez, hoping to be the stopper again, for the Braves.

5 thoughts on “FLORIDA 20, ATLANTA 1”

  1. I’m going to the game tomorrow. Interesting dilemma. I’m going because I want to see Dontrelle pitch, but I want to see the Braves win. With the way the Braves have been hitting, Willis could really put on a show. Should be interesting.

  2. I can’t believe the White Sox landed Alomar and Everett in the same day, and we can’t even get a friggin’ decent fourth outfielder who can hold on to his bat. Give me a friggin’ break…

  3. I noramally dont post, just read all the great comments here, but after giving up 20 runs, well, thats just flat out sad. I mean, come on, Braves v. Devil Rays then Marlins, i figured they would put a good string of wins together.

  4. What’s with the Marlins? They have scored seven or more runs in 6 of the nine games we have played against them. They’ve only scored 7+ runs 17 times this season, so a little more than a third have been against Atlanta.
    I’m wary of sending Ramirez out there tonight-they’ve been crushing LHPs this year, posting a team OPS of .847, as opposed to .756 vs RHP.

  5. So this is what it’s like to be a Rangers fan.

    This is why I’ve never subscribed to the theory of putting your young starters in the bullpen. The inconsistancy of the work does not allow them to build any arm strength. At this point in the season both Hodges and Bong’s arms appear to be mulch. I’m at the point that I would rather see them both farmed out to Richmond to get regular turns in the rotation than rot in the bullpen. Of course they really belong in the Major League rotation but after last night there is no chance that will happen.

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