– MLB – Recap – Braves at Marlins – 07/01/2003

It’s only Tuesday, and this week is already a disaster. I’m sure it could get worse, but let’s not think about how.

The Marlins scored in every inning but the third. The Braves’ one run came in the first, on a groundout. The Braves had only four hits.

Hampton went four innings, giving up nine runs — and was arguably the Braves’ most effective pitcher. His only competition was Boom-Boom Bobby, who pitched the eighth and gave up two. Jung Bong gave up five in two innings, Hodges four in only one. I assume a bullpen massacre is coming soon. Schuerholz has to do something.

The Phlipping Phillies won again, and the lead is 4 1/2. The Expos lost. The game tomorrow features two rookies, Dontrelle Willis for the Marlins and Horacio Ramirez, hoping to be the stopper again, for the Braves.