– MLB – Recap – Braves at Devil Rays – 06/28/2003

“Hi, I’m Shane Reynolds, and I’m actually a deep-cover agent for the Phillies.”

Bobby blew this game, leaving in Reynolds to allow eight runs in 3 1/3 innings. If you do your math, you’ll realize that the relievers — Hodges, Bong, and Gryboski — allowed but one run in 4 2/3. Meanwhile the hitters were coming up with seven runs, more than enough to win with even a run-of-the-mill poor pitching performance. This is one of those times when the phrase “losing pitcher” is apt. This sort of game has been inevitable all along; Reynolds kept getting lucky with baserunners, but that never lasts. No doubt he’ll start in five or six days, even if Bobby has to skip Ramirez to do it.

The Braves had ten hits and seven walks, but the Rays had even more. Both teams left nine men on base. Gary Sheffield was the only Brave without a hit; Fick had three. The Braves actually had the tying run at the plate with two out in the ninth, and Javy — the man they’d want — at bat, but flew out.

Mark DeRosa started at second base for some reason. Giles was out there every day when he was slumping, but now he’s doing better and gets benched. Your guess is as good as mine… The Phillies are winning right now, and would be 6 1/2 out if they hold on. This is not good.