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Whew, that was close. Russ Ortiz allowed nine hits, Chris Reitsma two more, but the Pirates drew no walks and had only one extra-base hit (a two-out triple), allowing the Braves to strand eleven men. (One reached on an error; the Braves turned one double play.) Smoltz didn’t allow any baserunners, getting four groundouts.

The Braves’ only run came on a homer by Chipper in the fourth. Chipper was 2-2 with two walks (one intentional). The rest of the team (which didn’t include Drew, Estrada, or Furcal, all of whom got apparently routine days off) was a combined 3-27 with three walks. The Braves did load the bases with one out in the ninth, giving them a chance to get insurance, but couldn’t do it. They didn’t threaten much any other time.

Day game tomorrow, Thomson against Josh Fogg. Fogg has a 5.91 ERA, which means he’ll probably throw a six-hitter… The Phillies trail the Marlins 3-2 headed to the bottom of the seventh in South Florida. The Braves hold a two game lead on Philadelphia and a four game lead on the latter pending the outcome. The Mets are losing again and are on the verge of falling back to six out.

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  1. I understand days off, but in a one-run game and the bases loaded why do you let Eddie Perez bat against a righty in the ninth? I think Johnny could have handled a half-inning behind the plate. At least we won.

  2. The problem with that approach si that if the Pirates do tie it up, Estrada is then in indefinitely on what was supposed to be a day off, with no backup. Plus, Bobby will never give up defense in the 9th inning with a lead. Now, I think Eddie Perez has been as bad on defense this year as Estrada, but Bobby won’t agree on that one.

  3. I think Eddie does block the plate better than Estrada. (So that’s one thing he can do better.) Given that, maybe you leave him in to catch Smoltz, since the latter seemed to like his splitter tonight.

    On the other hand, it’s not like they didn’t have Marrero to catch if something happened to Estrada.

  4. Who’s got the worst pitching in the NL East? They all do except the Braves. The Mets were up there but theor relief pitching has killed them lately. Guess who’s #2 in ERA in the NL. It’s Our beloved Atlanta Braves, who are 0.02 behind the Cubbies. I love playing in the East. The teams there are just so beatable.

    I think this might be the week Bowa gets fired. You can’t keep getting beat by your division rivals like this and expect to win anything. I would predict if he loses tonight and tomorrow, he’s a goner. At least he should be.

  5. As sung by Don Meredith, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.” The Fish just put up a 3 spot on the Phailies. Bowa better pack his bags, he about to be traded to the unemployment line for a manager to be named later.

  6. The Braves did load the bases with one out in the ninth, giving them a chance to get insurance, but couldn’t do it.

    Not naming any names are we? So much for “staying with the pitch.”

  7. Marrero can catch. But I guess no matter who pinch hits in that situation, someone would have to come in (perhaps indefinitely) to play somewhere in the bottom of the 9th. But presumably, if this pinch-hitting move worked, the insurance runs involved would foreclose any further need of service for the evening.

  8. I hate to say this, but it looks as if Benson may be left behind when the Pirates leave town after today’s game. The reports are heating up, although I don’t know where they would put him. I think the Braves know Ramirez won’t be back this year, and they probably won’t re-sign Ortiz. They could get Benson signed to a long term contract for much less than Ortiz.

    The questions are, did the rumors start because he had 2 starts in a week against the Braves, both being good starts, and what does that do to the rotation? Everyone is pitching well right now. I guess you can’t have too many starters knowing Wright, Ortiz and Byrd may be somewhere else, and you would have Ramirez back and probably Capellen to start or close. They could keep Wright and have the makings of a good starting staff. Of course, Smoltz is the wildcard in all of this, but his games completed number is moving up quickly.

  9. They could get Benson signed to a long term contract for much less than Ortiz.

    You’ve probably got something there. Ortiz is making himself a very rich man with his recent string of good pitching. He’s broken into the top 15 starting pitchers in baseball for the season according to BBPro. (Our old friend Tom Glavine is currently #4 in all of baseball) Ortiz is clearly going to be out of our price range (and second priority behind Drew), so perhaps JS is trying to secure Ortiz’s replacement for next year and get some insurance for the impending Paul Byrd implosion.

    It’s not the worst idea. Benson has good stuff, hand him over to Leo and you might really have something.

  10. Gahhhhh.. Fogg is pitching a 1-hit shutout through three. Anyone know if Giles/Andruw being out is just regular rest, or what?

  11. I told you this would happen. Fogg is on my APBA team, and I hate him.

    It’s probably normal rest. Drew and Furcal got yesterday off, now Andruw and Giles. Considering that Thomas and Green have the Braves’ two hits so far, that’s not looking so bad.

  12. Furcal is trying to be the Pirates MVP for this game. Ended what could have been an even better 5th with that 1-0 count GIDP.

  13. This was regular rest for both. It was in the AJC this morning.

    Hey Abbott!!!, has given up 8 runs in 3 innings, including a grand slam.

    I wouldn’t want to be in the Phillies’ dugout or clubhouse anytime soon. It’s gonna be an ugly place to be, at least until Bowa cleans out his office.

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