– MLB – Recap – Expos at Braves – 07/04/2003

Hey, look, runs! And a win! Funny how that works. Andruw had one of the best games of his career — 4-5, including a homer, two runs scored and two RBI. Everybody got a hit except — of course — Vinny. Sloppy game, though, with the Braves committing three errors and the Expos two.

Russ Ortiz wasn’t great, but he did pick up the win and strike out seven. He allowed four of the runs, the other two “unearned” runs off of King. Boom-Boom Bobby, who has actually been effective since coming off the DL, pitched the eighth and seems back into the setup job, and Smoltz of course closed it out.

It was the Expos’ first loss in Atlanta this year after four wins. The Marlins beat the Phillies, so the NL East is as it was two days ago. Tomorrow is a night game, with struggling aces Vazquez and Maddux meeting up. There have been rumors of Vazquez coming to Atlanta, but he reportedly is really messed up right now and is probably hurt. (His stats look pretty good to me except for lots of homers.) He’ll likely throw a four-hitter tomorrow, though, he seems to always pitch well against the Braves.