– MLB – Recap – Braves at Devil Rays – 06/29/2003

Now, that was a good pitching performance. Russ Ortiz went 7 2/3, allowing three hits and two walks, and John Smoltz finished the game. Bobby lifted Ortiz — who had thrown only 93 pitches — after an infield single (the batter should have been called out) in the eighth, and the Braves still don’t have a complete game this year.

Andruw singled home a run in the sixth and scored one in the eighth on a day when it looked for awhile like the Braves would never break through. Personally, I’m sick of seeing baserunners stranded, aren’t you?

It looked like Javy was getting himself out swinging at pitches outside — maybe pressing a little with pitchers going after him more carefully. But he came back to single Andruw home in the eighth. Mark DeRosa was the third baseman today, but went 0-4. If that wasn’t enough of a Vinny impersonation, he made some nice plays.

The Expos won and the Phillies are winning. If that holds up, the lead will remain 6 1/2 on Philadelphia, 7 on Montreal/San Juan. The Braves go down the road to meet the Marlins for three starting Monday.