2 thoughts on “Smoltz vs. Gagne”

  1. I’ll take Smoltz over Gagne . . .

    On another topic, Will Carroll’s most recent column on Baseball Prospectus mentioned trade rumors inolving Byung-Hyun Kim to Boston or Atlanta, maybe for Vinny Castilla. Has anyone heard anything about this? Sounds too good to be true, although Vinny’s not been too bad lately.

  2. Huh? That’s nuts, even for Joe Garagiola Jr. Heck, even for Joe Garagiola SENIOR that would be dumb. That must be an incomplete trade like “We’ll do Kim for Betemit, but you have to take Vinny and give us something else too.” The DBacks are shopping Kim, but there’s nothing in the press about that sort of trade.

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