5 thoughts on “Yankee fans (sheesh!)”

  1. Great. The Marlins have more championships than the Braves do. And NO division titles.

    I rooted hard for the Yankees. I stopped being a Yankee hater this summer, and then this happens.

  2. I think Sheehan has done a pretty good job not letting his love for the Yankees influence his articles too much (in contrast to McCarver, who sounded like he was about to start crying after the final out last night), at least from what I’ve been able to read without a premium subscription.

  3. Maybe. But that one was almost entirely about all the ways that the Yankees lost the game. At least the lead section (which made up half the column) was. Boone did this, Torre did this, Soriano didn’t do that. Annoys the heck out of me; whenever a New York team is involved, it’s always all about them. It’s not why the Braves won or the Bulls won; it’s why the Mets lost and why the Knicks lost.

  4. I was starting to think that I was just wrong before someone has finally backed me up on this. I totally agree with Mac, it is always about a New York team. Marlins went in there and showed everybody they were a great team, but all you hear about is how the Yanks lost, not that the “worse team” the Marlins won, but that the Yankees blew it…

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