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Creg also points me to this story… Terry Pendleton isn’t focusing as much on getting on base/not making outs as I’d like. But at the least, he’s asking the hitters to be more patient. If they do that, the walks will come, and they’ll hit for more power. There’s no reason this team couldn’t at the least finish in the top three in home runs.

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  1. “Patience is the key,” Pendleton said. “Make them throw strikes. You’re going to get a pitch to hit.”

    I know it’s irrational to hold one at-bat against a guy for so long, but the last at-bat I remember of TP’s Braves career was game 6 in 1996, when he seemed to swing at ball 1, 2, 3, 4 and swung until he grounded into a double play. All this following a rare Jermaine Dye walk.

    So TP, make them throw strikes. Make them wait for a pitch to hit. Please.

  2. That’s David O’Brien; he’s been at the AJC just under a year, I think, and has been including OPS and shown a general awareness of some stathead stuff over that time. Sure is a long way from IJ Rosenberg.

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