– MLB – Recap – Braves at Dodgers – 08/25/2002

Wow, a win. The Braves didn’t make it easy. They scored five runs in the first inning, but then let the Dodgers right back in it. It was 5-4 after two, then 7-4, then 7-5 after three innings. And it stayed that way the rest of the game. The Braves threatened, but were’t able to score any more runs. Chipper and Javy homered in the first inning. Mark DeRosa, playing second base against a lefty, had three hits.

Damian Moss managed to get through 5 1/3 innings and got the win. It’s roughly the 100,000th example of the problems of judging a starting pitcher by his won-lost record; Moss was much worse than Maddux or Glavine in the previous games of the series, but the former got a no-decision and the other a loss. The Hammond-Remlinger-Smoltz axis pitched the last 3 2/3 innings.

Bobby finally took a little action against Vinny. He didn’t bench him, of course. But he did swap him with Javy Lopez, moving Vinny to the seventh spot in the order. Javy hit a first inning homer then didn’t do anything the rest of the way. As dreadful as he’s been, Javy’s still better than Vinny… Though Mark DeRosa played second base, Marcus Giles did later pinch-hit.