– MLB – Recap – Braves at Padres – 08/21/2002

The Braves started off sloppy and letting opportunities get away again. But fortunately, Gary Sheffield was there to bail them out. Sheff had two homers — a first inning solo shot and a three-run job in the fifth — and later added a run-scoring double in the ninth. The Braves won 6-3, with Sheffield’s five RBI the only ones (the other run scored on an error). He also had two walks for a perfect night.

Kevin Millwood pitched and was pretty good. He gave up a two-run homer in the fourth, and a single run that really shouldn’t have scored (he got a double play ball but Mark DeRosa, starting at second base, blew the pivot) in the sixth. Millwood went eight, striking out seven. It wasn’t his best outing, but that only goes to show how good he’s been lately.

Vinny Castilla actually had a hit and a walk! He still sucks and he’s still hitting only .231. Javy Lopez hit after him and had a particularly helpless 0-4. He was the only Braves starter not to reach base and is also hitting .231… Jason Marquis will get a rare normal-rest start today. If he doesn’t do well in this one, I expect he’ll move to the bullpen. He might move anyway once September rolls around, assuming September does roll around. He’s not going to start in postseason, and the Braves might want to see how he does in relief.

The Mets are in last place, 23 games out, two games behind the Phillies for fourth. Ha-ha! Joe Sheehan is a genius.