I’ve been expecting this:

Marcus Giles is not coming back.

Reportedly, the Braves have activated him and assigned him to Richmond. All to keep twelve pitchers, even though there isn’t enough work for all of them and one is Albie Lopez. And to keep their precious Wes Helms, when everyone in the world now knows he doesn’t have the ability to be a major league regular. Marcus is apparently, and rightfully, upset.

I’m not surprised they did this (I’ve been predicting this in the comments the last couple of weeks). But while Marcus wasn’t hitting that well, he’s a far superior player to Helms or Castilla. The Braves will probably demote Jesse Garcia when Mark DeRosa comes back, and didn’t want to be left without a reserve shortstop. But there’s absolutely no need for two slow, righthanded, “power” hitting third baseman with sub-.300 OBPs. Heck, there’s no need for one. Helms should have been designated for assignment.

My current prediction is that Marcus will never again wear an Atlanta Braves uniform. I expect him to be traded before September 1.