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The Sky is Falling!

Last Year through 15 The 2005 are now 7-8 and 2 games back of the division leading Fish and Natspos. The 2004 Division Champs were 8-7 and three games behind a streaking Marlins club. That certainly doesn’t mean that this...

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Braves vs. Nats 4/20/05

Andruw waaaay down in the Braves lineup again Furcal, SS Giles, 2B Jones, 3B Estrada, C LaRoche, 1B Jordan, LF Jones, CF Mondesi, RF Ramirez, P Wilkerson CF Guzman, SS Vidro, 2B Guillen, RF Castilla, 3B Johnson, 1B Davis, LF...

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This is only a test

This is only a test This is a Quiz Having been asked to fill in tomorrow, I want to make sure I can do this correctly. You know what I was thinking watching Estrada chase after the pop foul? Is was thinking that there are many...

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Blah Canada

Canadian slugger Larry Walker wouldn’t balk at trade to contender Supposedly, the Braves are one of the teams interest in “left-handed power”. But Larry Walker isn’t going to happen, guys. He makes way...

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See, this is what I mean

That inning’s the DIPS argument in a nutshell. Hampton’s been getting along all his career allowing way too many walks and not getting enough strikeouts. And with a good defense behind you and if you don’t...

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Lots of minor leaguers

No Pepper — Part of the BravesBeat Network Brad is keeping up with the Braves transactions. I’ve heard about some of them but wasn’t able to find a source… The most interesting, to me, is Dave Nilsson....

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R-Braves sign two pitchers

Jason the RBravesman reports that two minor league pitchers have been signed by the Braves. Both have some major league experience. Bobby M. Jones, a lefty, has pitched poorly for several teams in the major leagues since 1997....

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Relievers, feh | Braves | Braves sign reliever Venafro I don’t know why you’d want a guy whose ERA was 7.24 in the second half (2.76 before the break) but I guess he’s cheap. I don’t believe in giving major...

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Fredi Gonzalez, too

Rapid City Journal: Indians to Interview Skinner Not much Braves news — there never is much news during the Series, MLB frowns upon teams drawing attention away from the Fall Classic — but there is this. Fredi...

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War Liberal I’ve moved my

War Liberal I’ve moved my other weblog over to the Movable Type publishing system, away from Blogger. There are several advantages of MT, and eventually I’ll be moving this one over as well. One of the biggest is...

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