Top Ten Good Things About Last Night’s Loss

10. I won’t wind up spending hundreds of dollars and several vacation days on an attempt to get into a World Series game.

9. It’s entirely possible we’ll never have to see Keith Lockhart in a major league uniform ever again.

8. Alex R. free to spend less time obsessing about Bobby Cox and more time sticking pins into his Steve Spurrier voodoo doll.

7. Kevin Millwood’s next start will be made on 144 days’ rest.

6. Media can stop attacking Barry Bonds for not delivering in postseason and start attacking Gary Sheffield for not delivering in postseason.

5. Fans of remaining teams are concentrated on the West Coast, so when the games finally end it will be a decent hour for them.

4. Another week in which to hate Kenny Lofton.

3. Another week in which to hate Reggie Sanders.

2. Bobby gets five whole months to figure out even more creative reasons to not play Marcus Giles.

1. We can feel free to not watch the postseason now, in which case we don’t have to hear Tim McCarver again for about eight months.