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Jordan Schafer

The former Future All Star/Next Andruw Jones/Suspended for PEDs/Home Run in his First AB/F@%*ing Success/Traded to and Released by the LAstros, was the 25th man on the roster last season. It was presumed he would be released or...

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Mike Minor

You just can’t oversell Mike Minor. In addition to being an outstanding product of that fine private university up Nashville way; in addition to providing the Braves with a “true #1” anchor to their rotation;...

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Mat Gamel

I asked Alex if I could have the Mat Gamel write up. I love marginal players like this. They amuse me. They open themselves up to a bit more than a straight “what to expect from them statistically” bit. It’s...

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Craig Kimbrel

What exactly is left to say about The Kraken? Craig Kimbrel is absurdly good at his job. Just stupid good. Craig Kimbrel is about to get really expensive. At some point in either the very near, or not quite very near but...

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Jordan Walden

Last winter, the Braves and Angels made a challenge trade of promising pitchers with injury issues. The Braves got the better end of the trade (Tommy Hanson, sent to Anaheim in the deal, made 13 mostly-ineffective starts and was...

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David Hale

Continuing a theme from last thread, David Hale is another piece of what figures to be a mix-and-match back end of the Braves’ rotation this year. The Braves drafted Hale out of Princeton in the third round in 2009, and he...

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Chris Johnson (by Smitty)

Chipper Who? Well, let’s not go too far. Chris Johnson was the “throw in” piece in the deal that brought Justin Upton over from Arizona. Initially he was considered to be a back up, possible platoon partner for Juan...

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Freddie Freeman (by W.C.G.)

2013 was a breakout year for Freddie Freeman on the field, as he raised his OPS 101 points to almost .900 and made his first All-Star team. But even more fascinatingly, it was also the year he became the Braves’ — hell, the...

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