Author: W.C.G.

Braves 4, Yankees 0

After eight dominant Greg Maddux innings and some timely hitting, the Braves are up 2-0 over the Yankees in this World Series and are heading home. They just have to win two of three games in Fulton County Stadium to secure...

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Braves 6, Marlins 3

Depending on the angle from which you squint at it, 2014 was either a massively successful rebuilding year for Alabama, in which a lot of things broke right and they stole an SEC championship – or it was a disappointment,...

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A Longer Note On Kelly Johnson

The Braves signed Kelly Johnson to a minor league deal last week, and though he’s not assured of anything but an invite to spring training and a chance to compete for a bench spot, we’re going to write him up here. This was...

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B.J. Upton

B.J. Upton’s first two years in Atlanta have been famously, catastrophically bad, and I’m not going to linger too long on the specific numerical details of it. Mostly because after two years, we’ve passed the point where...

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