What exactly is left to say about The Kraken? Craig Kimbrel is absurdly good at his job. Just stupid good. Craig Kimbrel is about to get really expensive. At some point in either the very near, or not quite very near but nontheless near future, Craig Kimbrel will be too expensive for a mid-market payroll such as the Atlanta Braves to keep. At some point, the math stops working and the smart move is to flip him.

At that point, someone else will close in Atlanta and Craig Kimbrel will get paid a whole lot of cash to close in New York, Detroit or LA. That will be something akin to having to go back to Cinemax After Dark after spending four or five years soaking up the offerings of YouPorn. It will not be…satisfying. But it will happen, and you might as well get used to it.

Kimbrel is currently 3+ million removed from his valuation of his arbitration services and the team’s valuation of same. That bodes poorly. I suspect he will lose the arb case, play another season in Atlanta, and be traded before 2015. Soak up the hardcore while you can, kids.