David Hale

Continuing a theme from last thread, David Hale is another piece of what figures to be a mix-and-match back end of the Braves’ rotation this year.

The Braves drafted Hale out of Princeton in the third round in 2009, and he began a slow but steady grind through the minor leagues. He never had a standout minor league season, but he improved his ERA each year from 2010 onward. At the end of last season, with the big club down to Kameron Loe and various other odds and ends as the #5 starter, Hale got the call-up to Atlanta in September. He responded by pitching an inspired two-game stretch in which he gave up just one run in 11 innings.

Small sample size theater led to some speculation that the Braves could trade him in a package to acquire an ace, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. David Hale, who finished his economics degree from Princeton over the course of a couple winters, would analyze the data and would likely be the first to tell you that David Hale is not a prospect. His strikeout rate has never been great and he gives up too many walks and too much contact for prospect status. Plus, he’s 26 and he’s debuted old at every level he’s been at.

But that’s not to say he can’t stick in the majors or that he can’t be very useful to the 2014 Braves. They’re going to need about eight starters this year to use in various combinations, and Hale’s going to get a chance to be a part of that. If he sticks, he’ll increase the stock of MLB Princetonians to 4, and I’ll let you Ivy Leaguers in the comments duke out whether that’s a lot or not. Here’s hoping he does, as the Braves have constructed a roster with very little room for error or injury, and the season could turn on factors like whether David Hale can pitch 100+ effective innings.

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  1. Even more so than pitchers and catchers reporting, nothing in February says ‘soon baseball will be back’ quite like the Best Shape of His Life puffery articles.

  2. Breslow and Lavarnway have a WS ring. Go Yale.

    In honor of the Super Bowl, I wore my baseball cufflinks today.

  3. David Hale would make a great long-relief/emergency starter in a pen that consists of Kimbrel, Walden, Avilan, Carpenter, Venters/Buchter, Vazquez/Graham.

  4. Well, technically, DeRosa has a ring with the Giants as well (though he missed the playoffs due to injury).

    And Go Penn!

  5. @7 – sure. I’m College of Charleston. I’m sure there’s a patch of ivy somewhere on campus.

    Alex, Yale undergrad, Harvard Law correct?

  6. I went to one of the original ‘Public Ivies’ – The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

  7. PETER GRIFFIN: Of course. Right over there is Harvard.
    POPE: That’s just a barn.
    PETER: Oooh, somebody went to Yale.

  8. BYU, BA
    UVa, MA — original “public ivy”
    Wisc, eventual PhD — runner up “public ivy”
    (40k students doesn’t exactly scream ivy to me and everyone’s decidedly pro public ed)

  9. North Carolina State University PhD (Statistics)

    Our stats program is better than all of the Ivy’s. (Well, I guess Harvard’s debatable.)

  10. I dreamt last night that I made a World Series game-saving catch. In the dream, I had time to scale the right-field wall, pull myself up into the stands, run up the stairway aisle a ways so I could get a running start back down the stairs, leap into the air, catch the ball while hanging majestically in mid-air over the wall, and retain control of the ball as I land prone on the ground, my teammates running to help me.

    Even though I have the flu and just woke up, today has already been an awesome day.

  11. @13 – Did I read one time that you were class of ’86? Where did you stay? I was in Old West.

  12. My daughter goes to Barnard College. In a language class, she had to write an essay on what she would do if she won the lottery. One of the things she said is she would buy the Braves for me. I promise that, if I own the Braves, I will consult this site before making any moves. Who needs Frank Wren?

  13. @21

    a statistician PhD
    is quite beyond the likes of me
    at Oxbridge they’re so mellow
    well met you cloistered fellow
    while you debate BAIP.

  14. Caltech (BSc, chemistry), UGA (MS, statistics). Those are kind of like Ivies, although the latter’s better known as a Hedgie.

  15. @5

    a Doctor of Divinity
    posts here in anonymity
    his Contact most required
    when arms and legs are tired
    Celestial affinity.

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