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Turns 35 next month; it just seems like he’s been playing since 1980. Lee was a hot prospect way back in 1997, when the Padres called him up. After the season, he was the biggest take the Marlins got for Kevin Brown when they sold off their first set of champions, and Lee was inserted in the lineup every day even though he probably wasn’t, quite, ready. Lee demonstrates a hole in the Marlins’ model. By calling him up at 22, they wound up having to let him leave while he was just at his prime, dealing a 27-year-old gold glove first baseman who had just hit .271/.379/.508. At the time, he was just a good player. At 29, in his second year with the Cubs, he had a season that is completely out of context with the rest of his career, hitting .335 to lead the league, and also leading in slugging, doubles, hits, and total bases. He’s not that good, and has only one other year of leading the league in anything, and that games played in 2002. But until this year, every year since 2000 Lee had been a strong player who didn’t have any real weaknesses. And last year was the second-best year of his career.

This year has been his worst since 1999, as he’s hit just .251/.335/.416. He’s hit much better in the second half, .313/.356/.583, but the sample size is small, 104 PA. He’s had some injuries, in particular a back problem that he’s getting a shot for (delaying his report to the team.) If the shot works and he’s healthy, chances are that he will continue to hit as he usually has. On the other hand, you have to remember that he’s almost 35 years old, is a big guy, and has only once really been a star. That doesn’t seem like the kind of player who would age well. But he might surprise you, and it’s a worthwhile gamble — one with relatively little downside.

An outstanding fielder, winner of three Gold Gloves. Used to run pretty well; doesn’t, anymore, but if he raced Glaus three times around the bases he’d lap him. Hasn’t had a really pronounced platoon split in his career, but hits lefties a little better than righties, which with the number of lefties the Braves see will help.

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  1. In the current economy and the current bias against older players, see Dye, Jermaine, not much and not many.

    edit: the one thing he has over Dye is that he seems to be coming back this half of the season. Dye nosedived big time the second half of 2009.

  2. So what exactly is the difference between a “walk-off” and a “win in last at bat”? This sentence in one of those articles confused me- “Wednesday’s walk-off win was the 10th this year for the Braves, who lead the Majors with 21 victories in their final at-bat.”

  3. On the other hand, you have to remember that he’s almost 35 years old, is a big guy, and has only once really been a star. That doesn’t seem like the kind of player who would age well.

    Well, he’s big, but he’s also incredibly athletic — he’d have played basketball at UNC if he hadn’t been drafted so high — so I don’t expect a super-steep decline.

  4. A walk-off just means you won in the last at bat as the home team, meaning the game simply ended there, you didn’t need to defend your lead.

  5. In 1998 the debate was whether Derrek or Travis would be the better 1B Lee. Did that ever get settled?

  6. So, in short: Acquired by the Marlins in their first fire sale, traded away by the Marlins in their second. Sweet organization, brah.

  7. SO excited!!! If we win the game this afternoon I’ll be happier than a bird with a french fry.

    I am very close to selling my car as well, and I’ve zeroed in on the Challenger I want nearby. So much excitement!

  8. From the last threat @55:

    “The column in Chicago about Lee seems petty given his overall career. It seems to reflect general bitterness with the Cubs; but “journalists” are supposed to be more than fans. I’ve never heard a bad thing about Lee.”

    That’s exactly what I thought. The guy notes Lee’s classiness and then goes on to insinuate that he’s been dogging it because he gets a big paycheck anyway, so why strain himself? Also: aren’t mercenaries supposed to turn it on the last year of a big contract so they can get another one somewhere else?

    Bethany, I love–and share–your sentiment about (potentially) being “happier than a bird with a french fry.”

  9. I’ll take a so-so, injured, on-the-decline Derrek Lee over that lump of cow dung Glaus.


    On the trade, and making a move to third base:

    “Derrek is a fantastic first baseman, we all know that. We’ve seen him play for a long time….I obviously don’t harbor any ill will, it’s something that made our team better. Hopefully I can come back in 15 days and be the third baseman and make us even better than that.”

    man, I hope Glaus can actually get his legs under him. Id like this team a lot with his bat at 3rd and Infante in CF. They should just pump him full of cortisone shots and see what happens. Got my doubts, but pulling for him

  11. I think that “last at-bat win” thing came up a couple threads back… and I’m still unsure how you can consider taking the lead in the bottom of 8th at home, or top of the 9th on the road, can be considered “last at-bat” as after the at-bat you took the lead, SOMEBODY had to get out or you’d still be playing (except when you’re home and it’s a walk-off).

  12. When they say “last-at-bat” they mean the last inning in which the team came to the plate on offense. They don’t mean the actual last at-bat by a player.

  13. It’s the TEAM’S last at-bat. In other words, when the Braves won the extra-inning game in Houston, the Braves scored the winning runs in their (the Braves)last at-bat of the game. Of course, every extra-inning game is a last at-bat win for someone because you don’t bat again if you win.

    That’s just the definition, whether it makes sense or not.

  14. If we resign Derrek Lee can Freddie Freeman play LF?

    I think we are covered as far as money spent on players in their late 30s, so no thanks. Here’s hoping he can turn back the clock for a couple of months and then land a payroll killing multiyear deal on one of our competitors.

    Edit: Yikes, 10 AM start today? My productivity just took a nosedive.

  15. Mark, what I’m saying is, even if you take the lead in the 10th inning, if you’re not at home, your team has at least one more at bat after taking the lead (almost every time), because to take the lead, you’re not getting an out, and the last at bat of the top of any inning (even the 10th) is going to be somebody who got an out to send it to the bottom of the inning.

    So I’m just saying that calling “the last inning your team came to bat” the “last-at-bat” seems silly (we have a definition of “at bat” and it isn’t usually an inning… it’s usually when a guy is standing at the plate waiting to hit the ball)… BUT if that’s what the powers that be want to call it, who am I to complain?

  16. i’ve heard rumors that the braves are going to be an american league team next year so we can sign lee to dh. how convenient. seriously, there’s no way the braves block freeman. ebony and ivory at right and first next year, baby!

    lineup: 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. Diaz LF, 5. McCann C, 6. Gonzalez SS, 7. Cabrera CF, 8. Hinske 1B, 9. Lowe

  17. Catz, Ben asked a similar question in the last thread:

    When they say ‘Last At-Bat’ they mean the team’s last turn at-bat, not final batter.

    Consequently, as the home team, you can get a “Last At-Bat Win” by taking the lead in the 8th inning and holding it, as there would be no bottom half to the ninth inning, hence the 8th was the team’s last turn at bat.

    “Walk-Off” obviously is exclusively the home team winning in the bottom of the ninth, and there being no need for a 27th out to be recorded.

    A visiting team can have a “Last At-Bat Win” only by taking the lead in the 9th, or in extra innings, and holding it through the home team’s final turn at-bat.

    A home team can have a “Last At-Bat Win” by taking the lead in the 8th, and holding it through the top of the 9th; or by taking the lead in the bottom of the 9th or in extra innings. This second scenario constitutes a walk-off win.

  18. So I googled “last at bat win” and a lot of Braves references show up… so I googled “last at bat win define” and a lot of old Windows batch job (.BAT) links showed up (autoexec.bat… those were the good old days of Microsoft)

  19. There’s a (legitimate) argument about the value of “character guys” versus the Hanley’s of the world.

    Glaus’ classy response to this move has the effect of pushing the existing momentum forward and not queering it by forcing teammates to choose sides or stand uncomfortably quiet.

    Personally, I think momentum in baseball is more than just tomorrow’s starting pitcher and, in the Braves’ case, may keep them from waking up one day and noticing that the Phillies are the most talented team in baseball and the Braves are not.

    Which is why I was in favor of jettisoning Yunel and am against acquiring Manny – both major talents but not what I’d call “winners” (a term as illusory as “clutch”, I realize).

  20. 26,
    I’ve never understood what Chip and Joe and the beat writers are talking about when they’re discussing the Braves’ last at bat victory total until reading your post, thanks.

    I still have no idea what it really means to have 21 last at bat wins, though, probably nothing.

  21. Glaus never wanted to move away from 3rd base, so, even though I doubt that 10 days off is going to fix him, I hope that his rehab goes well and he proves competent at the position.

  22. I can’t help but wonder if this situation has put a damper on Troy’s relationship with the organization.

    29—Doesn’t Manny have two WS rings? Were those won despite his contributions?

  23. It would be a shame to damage that long-standing relationship between Glaus and the Braves.

    Manny’s rings were won due to roids….David Ortiz’s roids.

    I will happily take non-winners who are so good at baseball that they cause the rest of their teammates to become winners by winning. Bonds is available. Just sayin’.

  24. I posted this on the previous thread before realizing there was a new one. In response to Spike’s comment about Neyer:

    I am really astonished at the decline of analysis in Neyer’s stuff – he’s the guy that pretty much introduced me to thinking critically about baseball.

    This exactly expresses the way I feel about Neyer now. He used to do interesting research, and his column really introduced the whole world of sabermetric thinking to me — now all he does is read a lot and post links. I think blogging has given him the excuse to become really, really lazy with his analysis. I’d much prefer that he occasionally admit when he hasn’t studied an issue closely, than come up with lazy knee-jerk responses to everything.

    Quite frankly, Craig Calcaterra is just much better at what Neyer does now than Neyer is — could be one reason that Neyer has linked to Craig daily for the last year or two.

  25. Yes, Stu, Manny does have two rings and IIRC he contributed mightily to the Red Sox earning them.

    But for whatever reason, he decided he couldn’t Cowboy Up anymore and quit on his team and they haven’t been the same since.

    He briefly pumped up the Dodgers, but has been a financial and emotional drag for them for awhile now.

    I probably value character guys too much (I’m president of the DeRosa Fan Club if that tells you anything). I just think when you’re a team built like the Braves, you have almost no margin for error and character guys are very important. Teams on the extreme ends of the financial bell curve can tolerate the Hanley’s and the Manny’s and still succeed.

    I don’t think we can.

  26. I hate the Derrek Lee trade. I wanted Manny. I also hate Tommy Hanson because I wanted Josh Johnson. I hate Brooks Conrad because I wanted Brooks Robinson, too.

    Frank Wren is an IDIOT.

  27. BFedRec,

    I understand what you are saying, but that’s the way they define it. I agree that it probably doesn’t mean too much; I think it’s trying to get at the concept that the team plays well in late innings and somehow games that you win in the 9th are “better” than games where you score 10 runs in the first and coast. The former implies that the team has “character” while the latter just means they have talent. It’s sort of like the silliness with one-run games; if the game is tied 2-2 and you score three runs in the ninth and win 5-2, it doesn’t count, even though it’s clearly a close, late win. By the same token, if you are up 5-0 and give up four runs in the ninth and win 5-4, it counts as a one-run victory.

  28. @37,

    What about Josh Hamilton; why didn’t Wren trade Jesse Chavez for Josh Hamilton? If he was any kind of GM, he could have done that.

  29. My enduring memories of DeRosa were his public grousing about being benched midway through 2004 (he was hitting around .220 and butchering third base), and later calling out JD Drew for sitting out a game. The latter act was certainly defensible, and I suppose “red-ass” and “character guy” can overlap, but I don’t consider them interchangeable terms myself.

  30. Hate to burst some bubbles, but short of an injury to Cabrera or Ankiel, Omar will play zero games in CF. I think he could handle it and makes the lineup better with him there and a healthy Glaus at 3rd but it will not happen.

  31. Yeah Marc, it seems a pretty meaningless stat (like the one run games, or pitcher wins). Good for broadcasters to use so the avg fan can think their team is resilient.

    PS – Just so you guys don’t think I’m more of an idiot than I am (the reality is bad enough), I did understand what they were trying to say with the term, just thought it was a poorly named/worded term.

  32. I don’t know what to think about Melky.

    Just when you think he’s a lard-assed, hungover, undisciplined mess, he hits in the clutch and makes a great, important throw from the outfield where he was last seen throwing the ball SIDEWAYS and laughing about it.

    I give up. Just what is Melky Cabrera?

  33. @43 He’s all those things plus the guy who swings at the first pitch after two consecutive walks.

    The most fascinating man in the world.

  34. Melky should be able to net us Troy Tulowitzki, right? I mean the Rockies are out of it. Tulo HAS to be available.

  35. 45- His stomach is expanding faster than the universe.
    He once had a competent moment, but didn’t enjoy it and vowed not to repeat it.
    He causes Braves fans to pull other people’s hair out.

    He is… The Melkiest Man In The World.

    “I don’t always drink beer, but when the ball gets near Melky, I feel the sudden urge to have five or ten.”

    Stay Melky, my friends.

  36. Melky messed up in a game and laughed about it?

    Crucify him! These men are supposed to be professional game players. I want them buckled down serious 110% of the time because I define my life by how well the Braves play, so I don’t want anybody out there fucking around. That’s why Yunel had to go, and that’s why I never want Manny in a Braves uniform. Even if he were the best player alive and led the league in every category, offensive and defensive. He just doesn’t take it as seriously as I do. I suppose that should tell me something, but.. nah. Fire him.

    Honestly. I want the Braves to win as much as anyone, but this whole deal with wanting Melky dead because he (and Hinske, whom everyone seems to conveniently leave out here) was laughing after a mistake is ridiculous.

  37. Melky is the guy that fans hate to trade for, the guy who makes to much money, the guy who is hung over and makes your star SS suck and get traded, the guy who can play every outfield position, the guy who sucks at the plate for the first 2 months of the season, the guy who gives you his best AB’s in crucial spots, the guy who forgets to throw home from shallow right field, the guy who makes your little league CF’r look good throwing a baseball, and the guy who throws out runners at home quite often. Thats Melky….

  38. Wow, BA just posted their Best Tools for the Majors as chosen by MLB managers and in the NL the picks for best hitter are 1. Pujols 2. Votto and 3. Prado.

    Edit: Of course proving that the mangers know nothing (or at least nothing about defense) McCann and Prado were each chosen at #2 for defense at their respective positions.

    Bobby was chosen as the best manager.

  39. Yes, Stu, Manny does have two rings and IIRC he contributed mightily to the Red Sox earning them.

    But for whatever reason, he decided he couldn’t Cowboy Up anymore and quit on his team and they haven’t been the same since.

    Justhank, I don’t buy your narrative about the Sox. Yes, they’ve had a tough year, but they’ve been hit hard by the injury bug and, obviously, they play in the toughest division in baseball. They’re still probably the third-best team in baseball. I don’t think Manny murdered them; if anything, Bay gave them just as much production last year at a lower price.

    Unfortunately, they thought they’d be able to replace Bay’s all bat/no glove with Mike Cameron’s some bat/more glove, but Cameron and Ellsbury have both basically been injured all season, Pedroia and Martinez were on the DL for a while, and Youkilis is out for the year. And Matsuzaka and Lackey were bad contracts. Problem is, there’s just no margin for error in that division.

    The only thing that worries me about Manny is that he’s an old man who’s been on the DL three times this year already. He’s pretty well known for making a good first impression in a new clubhouse. He’ll be gone before he gets a chance to become a clubhouse cancer.

  40. Id take my chances with Manny in a playoff run. Huddy, Jair, and Hanson can keep players from hitting balls to LF. Could you imagine Glaus at 3rd and Manny in LF?

  41. @51

    Pitchcalling is an oft-forgotten aspect of catcher defense (and pitching), primarily (I guess) because it’s tough to quantify. Maybe McCann is viewed as a good game manager? Our pitchers seem to do OK, so I guess he doesn’t suck.

    It has to be something besides blocking the plate and throwing out baserunners, at least.

  42. @55 I was thinking the same thing. Just thinking about Lowe pitching in Atlanta makes me sweat. No wonder he is so thin, probably loses 10lbs every outing. With Willingham out for the year, Lowe hopefully will be okay for today.

    I like Melky, he seems to be a fun, very fun clubhouse guy.

    Glaus at 3rd base and Manny in LF…I guess we would need Superman in CF and the Flash at SS. That would work.

  43. @61,

    Yeah I think we would shift Omar to center, but it might kill him.

    I think if we got Manny, Glaus would become the big bat off the bench.

  44. I put in a good word for Glaus yesterday for his being a good guy on these moves,

    BUT he has a reason to support this (if he wants to play for pride or money next year).

    Based on what he has done this year so far, he is a RH DH (almost worthless) or bad 1b. If he can’t OPS over 850 (and so far this year he hasn’t) he is staring at a 1 year deal about what he got from the Braves.

    IF the knees are semi fixable and he can play bad, but not terrible, 3b, then he has more value. If getting the knees semi fixed helps his hitting, he has more value.

    So, his trip to DL and AAA may gain him money or position next year, but won’t hurt those for next year. The only hurt is a little money this year and a little pride.

  45. 65- I doubt it’s going to work, because bad knees rarely get good again for any length of time, but I agree in admiring the effort.

  46. #48 – well done. LOL.

    Willingham out for the year? Good thing we didn’t trade a suspect for him.

  47. 51,
    When they’re talking about the hit tool all they mean is the ability to hit for average, and I think Prado belongs in the conversation, he’s a great hitter.

  48. Chip is so freaking stupid.

    “You might look at the Twins and wonder why they’d trade a good, young catcher. Well, they’ve got a guy by the name of ‘Joe Mauer’ blocking him.”

    O RLY?

  49. At least we’re not going with the “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad” lineup that Cox enjoys so much when we’ve won a series.

  50. 84- Even if he is, we can move Chipper to LF. I doubt the Cubs would go for that deal, though.

  51. 82 – When the Aramis rumors started I began wondering if an exchange of big contracts was going down but it didn’t make sense for us. Lowe has been pitching well, Medlen is out and KK is in Siberia.

    To answer your question: I’d think about it but the Cubs wouldn’t do it.

  52. there may be a better chance of David Ross in LF next year before Chipper would be out there again

  53. Looks like KK is getting stretched out in Gwinnett… 2.2, 3.0, 4.0 innings in 3 starts so far… the only earned runs he’s given up have been 2 HRs. When did they say they were bringing him back up? after 4 starts? Sept 1?

  54. Yeah, maybe next time someone could wander over there and catch it. Not exactly an inspired effort. And of course it costs another run.

  55. “Federal authorities will reportedly indict Roger Clemens for false statements to Congress about PED use.”

  56. no walks vs Lannan so far? this guy is awful.

    How long before all teams just start stacking up lefties against us? Thank God, the Phillies traded Happ

  57. Yeah Chipper bitched and moaned to high hell about moving to LF for 2 and a half years at the age of 30. What exactly did he say about it again?

  58. Yeah that thing we used to do were the guys would work counts and get the starters out of there early…it’s a shame they stopped doing that. That worked.

    The games move a lot faster now anyway.

  59. I think we need a name for what the offense has been doing the last couple weeks: Reverse Hibernation Mode, basically. We don’t do anything at all at the beginning of the game, and only come alive against the bullpen. I’m not quite sure which I prefer.

  60. Well, two weeks ago they were getting runs early then falling apart, which is more disappointing to me, for some reason.

    I love Prado.

  61. Lannan is one of those pitchers that the Braves should be able to beat up on, but usually just settle for batting around lightly. In his career, Lannan’s numbers against Atlanta (coming into today’s game): 49.2 IP, 56H, 23BB, 25K, and only 19 ER, which works out to a 3.44 ERA despite a 1.59 WHIP. Frustrating.

    EDIT: Melky and Hinske strike out with AAG sitting on 2B? Really? Wow.

  62. Roger Clemens is a dill weed, but does anyone really care that baseball players were juiced up over the last decade or so?

    Honestly I don’t, and frankly I wished more Braves had used more roids and HGH, greenies, speed, etc. Maybe they would have cashed in another world series or two.

    I wish Sheffield had not cycled off the roids during his two postseasons in ATL.

    Hell, I would sat in one of the ball boys chairs and rubbed the clear and cream on all the Brave players asses in the on deck circle until my hands looked like Mickey Mouse’s if the braves could have won a couple more of those World Series during the run of division titles.

    The steroid thing is the 2nd most over hyped thing in Sports next to the Brett Farve drama.

  63. I don’t know if Hinske does it more than the other guys on the team, but it seems he strikes out or pops up an awful lot in run scoring situations.

  64. I don’t have a Dawg (or a Gator, for that matter) in the fight, but I am sooooo tired of punk moves like the one pulled by James Wilder, Jr.

    Just say where you’re going and prepare to be a freshman. Geeez.

  65. Hinske has regressed to the mean. His season numbers are nearly identical to his career marks.

  66. Derek tried to pitch out with Morgan on first. The last time Morgan was on first base, he successfully stole on the pitchout. This time, he just threw it past McCann, and Morgan wound up on second anyway; then, Desmond bunted him to third, Bernadina doubled down the right field line, and Zimmerman singled him home.

  67. Everyone assumes the Braves should just throw their gloves out on the field and beat the Nats or any below .500 team every time they play. That’s not the way baseball works. And, despite what Bethany says, the Nats are not terrible. Obviously, they aren’t good but it’s not like they are the 1962 Mets. By the standards here, the Braves should never lose any games ever to any team below .500. And the fact is, though, if the Nats hadn’t given runs to the Braves last night, they might have lost. Lannan has given the Braves problems in the past. You can’t simply dismiss that the other team is trying to win too and they may have some decent players.

  68. Getaway day against a crappy team at the end of an already wildly successful homestand. We’re apparently mailing it in today.

    EDIT: Marc is absolutely right, though. Losing a series at home to the Nationals would be bad. Losing a game happens from time to time.

  69. Very true, Marc. It’s just hard to watch the Braves lose so feebly to a Nationals team which features exactly one good hitter (Zimmerman) and a starter who throws slop. That’s how it goes with baseball though; even good teams will lose a fair amount of the time.

  70. Omar simply refuses to walk.

    @141 I am not assuming that, but you shouldn’t assume that a lineup with two of its better hitters removed should be able to score 4 runs in 6 innings.

  71. I actually like Lannan — I appreciate his ability to make something out of nothing. But his career FIP is 4.80.

    Well, Martin just watched strike 3 go by on two separate pitches. The ump gave him a break the first time, but what was he doing watching that one?

  72. I understand that bad teams win 60 games too. However, the Nats without Dunn and Willingham probably shouldn’t be hanging 4 runs on our “ace” and shutting us out.

    Until Matt Diaz. Get in!

  73. I love me some Matt Diaz.

    149—Yeah, I know, but he’s a groundball pitcher. I don’t totally trust FIP for those guys. Like Hudson.

  74. Guys, the Braves don’t mail it in any more, remember? It’s just the 6th inning, we have all that resiliency stuff to live up to.

  75. Oh, I don’t doubt that he’ll be able to consistently outperform his FIP. Just to say that, you know, there it is. He sucks. He’s been an above-average pitcher the last two years, but he’s got mediocre command of crappy stuff.

  76. 159–Yeah, I don’t think he sucks. Which isn’t to say that he’s good. He’d have trouble sticking in our rotation, for sure.

  77. Pitching change? 105 pitches for Lannan and AAG is 2-2.

    There it is. I’m going to assume that Jiggleman doesn’t read this blog’s comments.

  78. I’m following along on MLB Gametracker and am confused about that last double play. Was it as ludicrous as the description made it seem?

  79. What just happened? Gamecast is showing that Gonzalez popped up into foul territory for a double play.

  80. Diaz had third base stolen, standing up, but AGony swung at a pitch out of the strike zone and popped it up. Diaz didn’t realize AGony had been stupid enough to swing until it was too late, and he was doubled off.

    Very pathetic.

  81. WTF? 4 TO 2 in the eighth? Meanwhile the Yankees are pounding the Tigers 11-2 on their getaway day. These close games are getting tiresome and just wearing down the bullpen.

  82. His defense is historically awful–so bad that it almost cancels out his offense. And his offense, meanwhile, has disappeared this season.

  83. Was he bunting for a hit? That was an odd jab for a sacrifice (which I hope to God he wasn’t asked to do).

    Edit: apparently he was trying to sacrifice. I don’t understand that.

  84. Is there any doubt after the Prado bunt that Bobby needs to retire (in other words, not pull a Favre)? Not that this is the straw that broke the camel’s back; at this point the camel is in traction.

  85. Kinda surprised (and thankful) that they’re going to pitch to McCann here, even with a lefty.

  86. ben,
    if bobby’s staying or going had anything to do with in-game decisions, he would have been gone long ago.

  87. Not that I agree with the call at all, but if you think Bobby’s the only manager in baseball who would’ve bunted in that exact situation, you’re wrong.

  88. why in the world would you ask Prado to bunt there. The guy just walked two guys and Prado is our best hitter, just a terrible idea.

  89. Bobby Cox has always bunted more than most, and during the past few seasons he has called for the bunt more than anyone.

  90. Bobby doesn’t think of Martin as the three hole hitter. Had it been Chipper Jones or Derrek Lee, he wouldn’t have done it. He thinks of Prado as if he’s the leadoff guy, which he’s been all year.

  91. #211 – which makes him more senile. Prado leads our team in pretty much every category including slugging. He should be our 3 hole hitter

  92. I get up to go get the mail, and Farnsworth gives up a 2 run homer to Willie Harris? I HATE FARNSWORTH!!!!! Please someone tell me, he’s not under contract to us next year.

  93. Well, that sucked. Now on to Wrigley to pick up our rental car, I mean, rental first baseman. Yes, we want the insurance.

  94. Championship teams don’t lose on get away day to the Nationals when they sit Adam Dunn…..

  95. Hinske looks awful right now…

    Chip – “Nationals avoid the sweep, they beat ATL 6-2 behind the power of Mike Morse and Willie Harris.”

  96. The point is, no matter how bad a team is on a given day doesn’t mean they have no chance to win the game. Even the best teams lose at least a few games to bad teams (except when the Braves went 13-0 against Colorado in 1993).

    Last Monday, the Braves lost 10-4 to the Astros and the sky was falling. Then they won 6 of 7. Now, the sky is falling again. Unfortunately, going on the road might really be a sky is falling event.

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