Brooks Conrad

Made the team over Joe Thurston presumably for the reason DOB had been saying all along — he was on the 40-man, and Thurston wasn’t. As I’ve written, it probably doesn’t matter and if it does you can’t tell why it matters and who would be the better choice, so that’s as good of a reason as any.

Conrad had his first really extensive major league playing time for the Braves last year, and though he had his moments, didn’t do a lot with it, hitting only .204/.259/.407. That may have been just bad luck, as he hit only .237 on balls in play, and he certainly hit the ball hard when he hit it, as five of his eleven hits were for extra bases. But he’s only a career .261 hitter in the minors, albeit one with a .288 secondary average, and you have to figure he’s not going to hit for a higher average in the majors. Well, he might — with as few PAs as he’s likely to get, he could put up a fluky .300 or something, but I wouldn’t bet on it. He can still be a valuable player hitting .250, though, because of his power and enough walks to keep the OBP from being too big of a sink.

Has a rep for being a bad defensive player, but that might just be because he’s a low-average power hitter (for a second baseman, anyway) and they always get that rep unless they’re Mike Schmidt or something. He didn’t look too bad to me last year… Very successful in the minors as a basestealer, 115 of 149 in his career. Didn’t attempt any for the Braves last year, but as the two triples show, he runs pretty well.

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  1. I think I’ve developed precognition; I just know that we’re going to be “Treated” to more innings like this as long as Jo-Jo is around.

  2. This is what I call exhibition fatigue. But, I have a feeling Jo-Jo ain’t gonna be around come May.

  3. Gloves on the bus is right. Brooks comes from the historic A.S.U. Baseball program and has the look of a late career MLB bloomer. I like him as a middle infield Utility player. He wouldn’t have made the team without a word from Cox. No one wants to go out more of a winner than Cox. Cox believes in “Bad News” Brooks Conrad and anything is better than Greg Norton. Especially anything that hits over .180 and can play a resonable defense.

  4. Brent. (Hey, we’re still down eight in the ninth inning and this guy’s going to Gwinnett, so what do you expect?)

  5. Conrad is a SH, has more power, and walks more than Thurston. Neither one will impact the team, but between the two, Ill take Conrad

  6. Ozzie Guillen’s salary and Twitter is proof that you don’t need to be at all smart to make a lot of money.

  7. 14, 15,

    Thanks a bunch. I love Rome’s team, again.

    I really can’t believe they’re going to start Tyler Stovall and Edward Salcedo in rookie ball. The Braves must be rather displeased with Jose Ortegano to send him to class A advanced. Nice to see them being aggressive with Crim, though. I think they made the right call on Robinson Lopez by sending him to class A with Teheran and Vizcaino. I also think they made the correct decision on Andy Otero by leaving him in rookie ball for another year.

    Will this be the year Rohrbough puts it together again? I hope so.

  8. @17 This will be the year that Rohrbough HAS to pitch well in order to have any sort of a baseball career.

  9. Anyone know where old baseball highlights can be seen?

    MLB ripped them all down off youtube, to protect their ‘intellectual property,’ but never bothered to actually use any of it on their own site.

    I can’t find one video of Andruw in a Braves uni.

  10. I am also puzzled by Ortegano’s demotion….

    I like most of the Rome roster–Robinson Lopez should be there, but the one I am really curious about is Ryan Webber. I am not surprised that he made the team, but he has been flying under the radar.

    Does anybody know what happened to Caleb Brewer–I expected to see him on the Rome roster….

  11. @17

    Rumor has it that BOTH Stovall and Salcedo will get a bit more instruction and then end up in Rome.

  12. DOB actually made quite a number of comments on Conrad’s pretty good defensive plays. I think he can be quite valuable in this limited role. Finally in the Majors with 30. I’m rooting for him.

  13. talking chop has the rosters for our minor league teams. as of now, matt young, brent clevlen, mitch jones, and gregor blanco are the outfielders. freddie freeman and barbaro are the first basemen. when schafer gets back, that’s going to be one hell of a logjam. i really feel bad for mitch jones. it seems to me that he needs to go to an organization that will take a chance on him for a full year in the majors and see what he can do.

  14. 22,
    Thanks. I heard Salcedo has a massive ego, so that’s probably good for him. But in terms of talent, Salcedo and Stovall need to be playing full season ball, otherwise they’re wasting their time.

    I thought Brewer was ready for full season, too. Maybe he’s on the Salcedo and Stovall plan mentioned by 22. Otherwise, he’s ticketed to be a 21 year old in rookie ball for the third time.

  15. Brewer must be injured and Stovall should be in Rome soon. There are a lot of pitchers down there, but their talent has to be among the best.

    Andy Otero was not in rookie ball last year, I do not think. Wasn’t he in the DSL last year? I think he is young enough (18) that rookie ball makes perfect sense.

  16. Otero pitched in the DSL….

    I guess that Dustin Evans is in extended spring training as well.

    One possible feel good story is Tim Gustafson, who at the late age of 25 seems to have overcome injuries and given himself the chance to make it to the majors….

  17. @17–I like this year’s Rome team better than last year’s. Both have strong pitching but this year’s team has better position player talent. Last year’s club ran out scrubs like Chais Fuller. Gerry Rodriguez was ok during the first half and Adam Milligan was good in the second, but there wasn’t much other position player talent on last year’s club.

    Re the discussion of pitching logjam (Ortegana at MB, Stovall in rookie ball)–makes you wonder if the Braves have tilted to far toward drafting pitching in the past few years. Meanwhile, there may not be a decent 3B prospect in the whole system.

  18. Booby just announced the OD lineup:

    Cabrera, LF
    Prado, 2B
    Jones, 3B
    McCann, C
    Glaus, 1B
    Escobar, SS
    Heyward, RF
    McLouth, CF
    Lowe, P

  19. I’m worried a little about the top of that lineup, but doesn’t it seem like the bottom could be one of the best 6-7-8 lineups in baseball, if everything goes right? There’s not really any easy outs there.

  20. Interesting that he put McCann cleanup instead of between the two right-handed batters Glaus and Escobar.

  21. Cabrera, LF

    Jesus H. Christ. I can’t believe Diaz gets passed over for this guy, even if it is Zambrano. He hits righties at the same rate, and is at least quasi-interested in taking a walk.

  22. This was my commentary on it posted on my baseball site:

    “I can’t recall when it was I first went to a Braves game at FulCo, but I recall being perplexed as a kid when our catcher came up to the plate and the fans booing. It took a couple games before I asked somebody and realized they were saying Bruuuuuuce and not Boooooo.

    I was 6 years old when this video happened (almost 7) and was just becoming a baseball fan… alas my memory from that far back is a bit sketchy and most of the years I remember growing up were between this, and the fantastic run that started in ‘91.”


  23. Happy Easter, everyone. I’m off to drink free margaritas at the restaurant my girlfriend works at like the good Lord intended.

    My roommate and I split the “Extra Innings” cable package on Time Warner but they won’t show any games until the 11th! Kinda pissed about that.

  24. @35,

    Who was it that made the Matt Diaz-Rodney Dangerfield comparison last year? Can’t help but think about that now.

    That said, I’m going to TRY and have a blank slate for Melky and Chip Caray…

  25. Who was it that made the Matt Diaz-Rodney Dangerfield comparison last year? Can’t help but think about that now.

    Diaz career against RHP is .334/.387. Melky is .332/.395. Melky, at least notionally, brings more to the table on defense and the basepaths. I wouldn’t bat him leadoff but he should probably be in there somewhere.

  26. How short of a leash do you guys think McLouth is on?

    With his performance the second half of last season combined with the issues this spring, I’m not at all convinced he’s one of our 3 best outfielders. On the other hand, we’re currently on the hook for 7 MM next year regardless of what he does.

    If he’s batting around mendoza after April, what do you do?

    Also, my ears are still bleeding from Joe Morgan’s opening volley about how David Ortiz’s goal for this season should not just be driving in runs, but driving in the “big run”

  27. Diaz had OBP split of 350 against righties last year. Those raw splits also are not weighted for park and league, which would skew them even further in Diaz’ favor. I realize the differences between the two are not huge, but jeez Diaz has done nothing but hit, never griped, and has gotten zero love for it from Braves mgmt. I usually don’t go for this sort of thing, but to me it’s pretty low rent not to make him your opening day starter.

  28. @44

    It kind of supports your point, but the Braves are lucky that Matt is the kind of guy who would never make it an issue. The only thing I could think of is that maybe Bobby thinks Melky needs it more than Matty does.

  29. That lineup is pretty killer. Other than Melky at the top, there are strong hitters in every position. If Melky is eventually relegated to the bench, as spike so passionately opines, the lineup will be that much better.

    This is seriously the best lineup we’ve had on opening day since Chipper moved back to third. I’m excited about this year.

  30. Joe Morgan on Kevin Youkilis.

    “The reason he slides his right hand down is so that he can get some hand action.’

    I lol’ed.

  31. Joe on the Sox acquisition of Beltre: “I think Beltre will be the main beneficiary of the trade that allowed him to come here from free agency”

    There’s a small part of me that won’t let go of the idea that Joe’s just f***ing with us.

  32. Interesting note about Saito in this article. I always thought it was his ulnar ligament that the issue was with, but apparently it wasn’t.

    Cases in which PRP are typically used include tendinitis in the elbow, knee and Achilles’ tendon, but that list is growing. Atlanta Braves pitcher Takashi Saito underwent PRP treatment on his right elbow, avoiding surgery and helping the Los Angeles Dodgers to the playoffs in 2008.

    Saito said through an interpreter that he wasn’t sure if it worked because doctors later determined the injury was in a tendon higher in his arm and not in the elbow area.

  33. Good one. Definitely felt it. Although there was one about six months ago that didn’t have as high of a number but was centered about two miles from my house. That one kicked this one ass from my perspective. Today’s was more of a rolling motion. That one six months ago was a vigorous shaking.

  34. @41,

    I said I’m gonna TRY.

    Just read that article about Giles. Only the scum of the earth hit women. Short man syndrome?

  35. Also, grammatical errors notwithstanding, Keith Law is officially a made man, as far as I’m concerned:

    Bobby (El Paso)

    Best college program for producing pro talent?

    Klaw (3:42 PM)

    Right now? If I was the father of a top prep baseball player, I’d probably shoot for Vanderbilt. Not only do they produce good players, kids go there and get better (and seldom get worse).

  36. @64 – that kid is one tough mutha!

    Time for some real baseball. Bring it on. I can’t wait for the first game recap.

  37. @63 Go for it Stu.

    Are you excited? I sure am. Go Braves!!!

    To honor Bobby, I have decided I will not criticize any of his decisions this year. Let’s see how long I can keep this promise!

  38. Here we go. If the old guys at the corners can stay healthy, we might just have something.

  39. even Bobby wouldnt really bat Melky leadoff, right? ahh, who cares…LETS GO BRAVES

  40. Go Braves- taking work off this afternoon to sit outside and watch the kickoff to hopefully an awesome 2010 season.

  41. I’m already not productive at my job, so being distracted by the game won’t be any different. Go Bravos!

  42. I’ll be done for the day, but I’m going to stick around work and watch the first few innings on one of our new projectors in a movie viewing room. We’ll see how that goes.

    Go Braves!



    (Dear God, I don’t ask for much in life, but please let us not enter year 3 of the Whiksey Falls – Braves Live theme song experiment/ad campaign today.)

  44. “Smoke from the mound” is the part in that little tune at which I actually feel embarrassed.

  45. Skipping calss for the ballgame today…haven’t been this excited for a season in a while.

  46. why do we have an off day the day after opening day. I think we had 5 or 6 off days in April last season. Seems like you’d try and schedule them when you need a break nto right after a 6 month layoff

    anyways, OPENING DAY!

    who else fell asleep during that 8hr Bos/NY game last night? They have to address the length of time and I think getting rid of the DH would be a start. Any stat guys out there be able to tell us the avg time for AL and NL games last year?

  47. csg @82,

    It is generally thought that the extra day is protection for an opening day rain out. That is, there would not be enough rain checks for everybody and almost everybody would want one for opening day, not some later day.

    Many teams do this. I would rather the open (r non playing) day help the team later in the year.

  48. (Dear God, I don’t ask for much in life, but please let us not enter year 3 of the Whiksey Falls – Braves Live theme song experiment/ad campaign today.)

    You’ll get your wish: today’s game is on ESPN.

  49. @82 – They flashed up a graphic leading up to the YANKS-SAWX!!!! game last night on ESPN showing the five longest average lengths of a nine inning game for 2009 by team, and if I’m not mistaken, only one of them was an NL team. I believe it was the Phillies.

  50. I’ll be done for the day, but I’m going to stick around work and watch the first few innings on one of our new projectors in a movie viewing room. We’ll see how that goes.

    Well played. Some idiot (me, obviously) scheduled a meeting for two (Pacific) today so I’ll be DVRing this one. Pretty ridiculous.

    Still, I’m excited. I haven’t been truly optimistic about a season since the pre-Jeffy days. I am for this one though, this team should be in the mix all year.

  51. 82,
    It’s fairly common knowledge that AL games run longer than NL games, it is a fact.

    I tried to get you the exact times using retrosheet, but after I coded it and hit “F9”, my computer crashed. I’ll try it with a smaller sample (I was using all game 1995-2008) later.

  52. I’ve got J. Johnson going for my fantasy team and the duder I’m up against has D. Wright (and Jeter and Pedroia last night). Off to quite a start to the fantasy season. :x

  53. Skipping calss for the ballgame today…

    If it’s English, you might want to reconsider.

  54. That’s the Mets we all know and love… Bases loaded, nobody out, and no runs to show for it after a flyout, and Alex Cora hitting into a DP where Hanley caught Jeffy off 2nd.

  55. Ready for opening day!

    Though I’m a CPA in the middle of tax season, so I’m DVRing the game. Going to have to shut down this site and twitter and hope to not hear anything before I get to go home. Who knows when that will be.

    Go Braves!

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