Happy Mother’s Day, y’all. We were all concerned when two of the Braves’ top starters went down on the IL for at least a couple of months. Fortunately, the remaining three starters (Strider, Morton, and Elder) have done their part. The Braves are in the midst of a three game skid not due to pitching woes but because the bats all of a sudden decided to go silent. In these three consecutive losses, the Braves have gone scoreless in 25 of 27 innings.

Today’s 1:37 start features the second bullpen game this week. Collin McHugh will start, and I suspect we will see multiple innings from Michael Tonkin and Dylan Lee. The crucial thing, of course, is to get the bats booming again.

Losing three in a row, and facing a possible sweep, is nothing to get too concerned about. Even very good teams go through stretches like this. Nor is the offensive funk anything to get worked up over; they will snap out of it one of these games.

But relying on two bullpen games out of every five is a cause for concern. They need to figure out which of the guys now at AAA can give them serviceable innings in the big leagues. I imagine Dodd, Shuster, and Soroka will get their chances. In the meantime, we have to count on the bullpen. Although I believe the current pen is better than many on this board think it is, it can’t hold up if it pitches this many bullpen games and has to put in at least 3 or 4 innings when a starter can’t go deep.

Although I’m not concerned, I am frustrated. In my Friday recap, I said some good things about Canada and Canadians. But the Braves have now lost 8 straight to the Blue Jays. That’s taking international friendship entirely too far. Let’s kick their butts today.

(Some of you thought I didn’t know any music made in the last 50 years. But who doesn’t love Taylor Swift?)