Are we now in a Dickensian existence? “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” It just doesn’t seem right losing 2 of 3 from the Phailures. We have some holes and we only have5 or so days to try to plug them.

First, the Duvall news was bad. He had started back hitting about where you expect him to. He was great for a leftfielder and could cover center temporarily without a mass fall off.

I was scared when the news in the spring was about Rosario’s eyes. The eyes are everything in baseball. I have put this anecdote up before, but I know a world famous eye surgeon. He was giving a talk and when he went out, Mark Lemke was in the hall. This was just as Lemke was stopping playing. Lemke told him he had lasik type surgery to try help his eyes, but they got worse. I am concerned that Rosario is cooked.

Acuna hasn’t looked worth a damn all year. We need that other version to show up.

Matzek is not likely this year to get back where he was the previous 2 years. That makes a big hole.

Ian hasn’t even met the 5th starter standard for a fringe playoff contender. But you have Muller go and get his hand broken. So, can glove hand in a splint Muller take that spot for a while? Not likely. Can anybody else in the org take it (and have a reasonable chance of doing as well as Ian)? Not likely.

So, you lose 2 out of 3 to a team of massive flaws. Doesn’t that suggest you have a few yourself?

And Charlie isn’t quite there. He got to the fifth with no runs, and then the crappy fielding and throwing helped the Phillies get 5. Meanwhile the hibernating offense had gotten zero. 5 to 0 doesn’t often turn into a win. It did not today.

Wake up and smell the dung pile. Then, toss it into the sewer plant. Don’t let this smell linger.