Well, that sucked. Pretty much nothing worthy of positive note happened in this game, and it was essentially over before the Braves even had a turn at bat.

Ian Anderson was not good. He allowed seven runs on eight hits over three innings, throwing in three walks for good measure. He allowed five of those runs in the first en route to the loss.

There was a lot of talk afterward (from Paul Byrd on the broadcast, anyway) about how good Ian had been his last few starts. I found that to be a lot of hooey. It’s true that he hadn’t had a start where he imploded like this since June 30, and in the interim he hasn’t given up more than two runs in any of his three starts. However, he allowed nine baserunners in five innings in one of them (eight hits), six baserunners in 5.1 innings in another (four walks), and eight baserunners in 5.1 innings in the third (five hits, three walks). He wasn’t great in any of those games…frankly, not even particularly good. I think we have a problem here and I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Anderson in the bullpen is not at all a good idea, for reasons which should be obvious if you watch him. I guess the leading candidate of an idea is to option him to Gwinnett and give the seemingly improved Kyle Muller a shot. I was hoping to leave Muller down there the whole year like worked so well with the other Kyle last year, but I think our hand may be getting forced here. It’s becoming clear to me that, if we start Anderson again in five days, we’re going to get the exact same thing we have been. Which is to say, best-case scenario is a game where he throws seemingly 125 pitches over five innings, walks four guys, gives up five hits and somehow allows only two runs. I don’t think that’s sustainable, and whether or not Paul Byrd agrees, I don’t think it’s enough to keep AA from considering shuffling the deck.

In other problematic news, Adam Duvall is apparently out for the season. That’s fun. I guess we’re back in the market for an outfielder. I’m guessing one can be had fairly easily, given we garnered four that won us a World Series last year for a collective song. I’m not that overly worried about it, especially since Duvall hadn’t been very good anyway, but we do need to get one now when it looked like we were all set at outfield.

And finally, the Mets salvaged a game from the Padres tonight, so we’re back to a game-and-a-half back in the East. We apparently decided to jam all our bad news into one day this weekend.

Next comes three games back in Philadelphia, and the Phillies seem to be in utter implosion right now. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?