Taylor Sheridan Controls the Universe and There is Nothing We Can Do About It: Braves 1, filthy lying politicians 3

Not Jon, not Sonny, but Josiah Gray. Josiah Gray sounds like a character from “1883.” Somebody tough and no nonsense. Well, the Braves (Barves, whatever) got one hit by this character through 5, so maybe he could stand up to James Dutton.

Fried was better. Not good, but better. Usually it is “good, better, best.” This was more like “bad, so so (which is “better”). 2 ER and one UER through 5 innings isn’t bad. And, if you don’t run into a great Mountain Man, usually you can outscore that. But Josiah was a dangerous hombre.

So, why didn’t the Barves hold back 3 runs last night and use them today? Was that too much to ask? Are we back ot the mid 2000’s when the Braves worst nemesis was some spot starter from AAA that they had never seen?

So far, the 2022 team still shows a little bit of new stuff that is positive on and again. However, it sure has problems with hit sequencing and facing legendary characters. The 2021 team is calling forward in time to say “YOU be the legendary characters and get ‘er done.”

34 thoughts on “Taylor Sheridan Controls the Universe and There is Nothing We Can Do About It: Braves 1, filthy lying politicians 3”

  1. In our defense, Josiah Gray was an excellent prospect and therefore a better pitcher than the Quad-A all-stars that would no-hit us back in the Oughts.

  2. We’ll definitely win a lot more than we lose once we stop getting outscored, but until then, this team is at risk of losing more games.

  3. Why is it that our bats go into hibernation mode after batting against a junk balling position player the day before? I was going to say something when it happened, but I was trying to be positive. If I recall correctly, Freeman went into a slump after facing Rizzo and the whole team has gone cold several times.

  4. I could come up with something but I bet it’s mostly just law of averages stuff. The guys had a slightly late slightly weird spring training and they’re still a little cold. They busted out for a magical day and then they went back to more or less what they’ve been doing half the time.

  5. @9: I’m a hat guy, big-time. I mostly prefer vintage, wool hats (I have at least one for every MLB franchise), but I’m going to have to get in on that.

  6. Somebody want to tell Elon Musk that he could have the Braves for far, far, far less than $43 billion?

  7. Something tells me that if Liberty Media would be prepared to accept an indecent proposal of $43 billion.

  8. Braves have been hard to watch except for that one 16-4 game. Giving up runs in the 1st over and over make me want to stop watching the game immediately.

  9. So much for that barrel percentage and hard hit percentage. The flag will fly forever but this is a new season. It’s time to show up before we head home from the road trip 3-11

  10. Real nice to have to play 14 games in a row when the starters are being trash…. which bullpen guy takes the hit today?

  11. Boy …I think the Braves are shot .. they Been to the mtn top .. now they gonna relax let somebody else climb the mtn … very lethargic .. No leadership .. missing the face of the Braves .. FF

  12. It’s baseball. We maybe had no business winning last year. We’re not this bad though. We just need Ozzie and Dansby to be productive MLB players, the rest will work itself out.

  13. Acuna is gonna have a lot of pressure this year. I don’t know what to expect honestly, but you gotta admit our lineup looks a lot better with him playing every day. If we give up double digits 3 times a week then it really won’t matter anyways. Let’s at least get 40 games in before we freak out.

  14. We can’t hit it or field it … looks like a players only mtg ….. but who is gonna lead it …

  15. So if the 11-2 loss the other day (rightfully) didn’t deserve a recap, what does a 12-1 loss deserve?

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