Not Jon, not Sonny, but Josiah Gray. Josiah Gray sounds like a character from “1883.” Somebody tough and no nonsense. Well, the Braves (Barves, whatever) got one hit by this character through 5, so maybe he could stand up to James Dutton.

Fried was better. Not good, but better. Usually it is “good, better, best.” This was more like “bad, so so (which is “better”). 2 ER and one UER through 5 innings isn’t bad. And, if you don’t run into a great Mountain Man, usually you can outscore that. But Josiah was a dangerous hombre.

So, why didn’t the Barves hold back 3 runs last night and use them today? Was that too much to ask? Are we back ot the mid 2000’s when the Braves worst nemesis was some spot starter from AAA that they had never seen?

So far, the 2022 team still shows a little bit of new stuff that is positive on and again. However, it sure has problems with hit sequencing and facing legendary characters. The 2021 team is calling forward in time to say “YOU be the legendary characters and get ‘er done.”