Braves 5, Padres 2

Why is this night different from all other nights?

It is a night when many remember an ancient and stirring story of freedom, liberation from oppression, and justice.

It is also a night when many remember a story of suffering and sacrifice that turns into redemption and resurrection.

It is also a night when many are in a month of remembering revelation and observing fasting, charity, and spiritual discipline.

April 15 this year is a rare convergence of the first night of Passover, Good Friday, and Ramadan all at the same time.

It so happens that April 15 is the anniversary of the death of Abraham Lincoln.  He was shot by John Wilkes Booth on Good Friday, which was on April 14 in 1865.  He died the next day, on Holy Saturday.

As you probably know, April 15 is also one of the most significant days in baseball history.  This is Jackie Robinson Day, the 75th anniversary of his major league debut. 

  *    *    *    *

It’s perhaps not quite as significant as the above events and observances, but the Braves played a baseball game in San Diego on this April 15.   And what a really satisfying baseball game it was. Kyle Wright and four relievers dominated, striking out 16 Padres and holding them to two runs. Adam Duvall had a big tie-breaking two run double in the 7th, and the Braves won 5-2.

Wright took the hill for the Braves in his second start of the young season—and he was brilliant for the second start in a row.  Wright went five terrific innings, with nine strikeouts and no walks.  Unfortunately, a hit batsmen and two bloops led to two runs in the 5th.

That tied it at 2-2.  The Braves had taken a 2-0 lead on a third inning homer by Ozzie and a double by Riley and RBI single by Ozuna in the 4th.  Otherwise, though, they had no luck against McKenzie Gore, who was making his big league debut. 

Wright and Gore had each been drafted in the first five picks of the 2017 draft.  (As was, by the way, the Reds’ Hunter Greene, who made his big league debut against the Braves last week.)  Gore had his struggles working his way to the bigs, but he looked sharp in his debut tonight. On this night, Wright and Gore each went 5 innings and gave up two runs.

It became a battle of the bullpens beginning in the 6th.  Minter had a perfect 6th and O’Day a perfect 7th, and each struck out two.  Despite getting men on, the Braves couldn’t break through against the Padres’ relievers in the 6th and 7th.  In the top of the 8th, though, Riley and d’Arnaud each singled and a double by Duvall drove them both in.  An infield hit by Heredia, a walk by Arcia, and a wild pitch brought home another run.

So 5-2 heading to the bottom of the 8th.  Matzek did his job holding them scoreless in the 8th.  Still 5-2 going to the bottom of the 9th , Jansen got them 3 up 3 down with 2 K’s. He got a “Braves save” a week ago, but this was his first real save.

  *   *   *

The historic and religious events of April 15 remind us that there are more important things in this world than baseball.  Not many, to be sure, but a few.  They certainly put our Atlanta Braves rather lackluster start in perspective.  A 3-5 record was not what most expected after the high of the team’s first World Series Championship of the millennium. 

But one solid win like this one also helps with perspective.  These Braves are going to be fine.  The single best thing about this game was the performance of Kyle Wright.  He won’t finish the year with an ERA of 1.64, but he sure appears to be the real deal.  And by the way, Fried and Morton will finish with ERAs lower than 5.73 and 6.10.  The bullpen is dynamite and the lineup is deep—especially when Ronald returns in two weeks.  As I said last week, it’s a great time to be a Braves fan.

Ian Anderson tries to get back on track in a day game on Saturday.  The Padres counter with a journeyman whose name I can’t remember.  Time to go on a streak.

Author: tfloyd

Tfloyd was born on the site of Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. Before the stadium was built, that is; it was then the site of Piedmont Hospital. It took the Braves another 11 years to arrive on what is now Hank Aaron Drive, but I‘ve always liked to arrive at the ballpark early.

33 thoughts on “Braves 5, Padres 2”

  1. A midseason form recap.

    I am very interested to see how Wright goes this season. It could be a breakout year for him.

  2. A lot of talk on the broadcast last night about Charlie Morton’s impact on Kyle Wright. Obviously that makes a lot of sense. They’re similar pitchers. But Kelly even said that Charlie Morton watched all of Kyle’s starts at AAA last year. If Charlie has helped produce this level of improvement, then you just can’t pay Charlie enough money. He’s a steal.

  3. @3–agree completely. Charlie is pretty remarkable in a lot of ways–and if he really is that kind of mentor to Wright, all the more so.
    And for those of us who have been wondering whether Kyle Wright will ever develop into a quality major league starter, Charlie’s late blooming career is one more reminder that we need to be patient with young pitchers.

  4. I think it’s fair to say that after 400 career minor league innings after a three year college career in the SEC, it was fair to question whether or not Kyle could hack it. I think his performance over the last 8 months says that he deserves a rotation spot, not until he proves he can do this but until he proves he can’t.

  5. Chag sameach, everybody.

    Well done, tfloyd.

    Fun fact I heard from Chip Caray: 42 is the only integer both larger than 41 and smaller than 43. It’s been that way since at least 2019.

  6. Bryce Elder pitching tomorrow!

    If he shuts down the Pads, I will be super impressed.

    Crazy how he’s managed to skip the line. Bad news for Huascar, Tucker, Touki.

    Meanwhile Kyle Wright has chosen a great time to find his mojo.

  7. I’ve been making friends with members of the Blue Jays’ org that split time between Toronto and Dunedin. They work in a department that works with the players on a daily basis. Interesting nugget one of them told me: in his 7 years in the org, by far the most unpopular, hated player was Josh Donaldson. He said you couldn’t find a single person in the org — not even a lunch lady — that liked him. Complete cancer. In their player development meetings, it wasn’t a hard decision to trade him. Makes a lot of sense how he has moved around so much, had to go to Minnesota, then Minnesota traded him too. He’s on his 6th org in 12 seasons.

  8. Hi folks — the fantasy league that Stu and I are in has an orphaned roster, and I’m hoping to find someone willing to step into the breach while the season is still young. It’s a 9-team, NL-only Yahoo rotisserie-style league, 6×6 (BA, HR, R, RBI, SB, OPS, QS, S, Holds, K, ERA, WHIP), daily roster moves, no keepers. At this point it could be fairly characterized as an old-man league – no money, no chirping, just a pleasant diversion.

    As for the roster you’d be inheriting…well, it was autodrafted and a little wonky. Too many catchers and 1Bs, but you’d have Juan Soto and a good starting rotation (Urias, Nola, Webb, Musgrove, Lopez, Castillo). Plus you’d be considered a permanent league owner for next season and beyond if you wanted to continue. If interested, email me at samuel-bass at att dot net.

    Thanks — Go Braves!

  9. If they want to give Rosario the bunt to third he needs to take it. He needs a hit not yet another grounder into the shift

  10. 2 rbis for Olson while hitting .400
    Both on solo hr
    Cant wait for the whole lineup to start clicking.
    And Ozuna has been having a nice bounce back so far.

    But geez, Dickerson still sucks; come back soon, Ronald!

  11. Will’s run in October last year will forever astound me. He picked the perfect time to avoid giving up gopher balls by the bushel.

  12. @24 kinda got jobbed on strike three before giving up the homer based on the strike zone today

  13. Not only are we going to win the rest of our games, we’re going to make it harder by winning them all 5-2.

  14. Pache Watche: He hit his first home run as an Athletic yesterday. He’s now hitting .267/.267/.400. So, yes, no walks in 30 PAs. So that’s not good.

  15. On August 5-7, 1947, the Phillies arrived for a three game series in the Polo Grounds and lost all three 5-2.
    From June 29-July 1, 1980, the Milwaukee Brewers won 3 5-2 games in a row. They beat the Angels in the last game of a road trip and returned home to beat Oakland twice in a row.
    That’s it. The only two times in MLB history a team won 3 5-2 games in a row.
    Let’s make it 3.

  16. Oh, and for Chip:
    “Since 2019, no team has had two consecutive 5-2 wins until yesterday afternoon.”

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