Bad Mo go go. Good Mo? Mo Howard? Braves 3, Frontrangers 2

After 3 straight losses, the Braves won one. (they say, don’t bury the lead, sometimes spelled lede). Isn’t that the main takeaway? But those who visit this site generally already know that. So, the journalist questions of who, when, how, and (to the extent explainable by rational though) why are more important.

On to the why. So, the Braves lost twice in close games to the Cardinals. They are a pretty good team and do have Debbil Magic working for them. So, though disappointing, it could not be deemed unlikely. Also, one of those was the “last game of a series” and we know how those have been going (but no reasonable proof on the “why” for that). Then, home game, night game, Tuesday, after an off day and a close loss to what may be the most pitiful franchise in MLB. The disfunctional operations of that front office are much more of a morally bankrupt effort than the broke ass penny pinching ways of teams like the Royals and Pirates.

So, we won a game and controlled it almost to the end. Either Kenley Jansen needs more rest, or he is approaching 200 degrees on the meat thermometer. We endured this stuff from Jim West last year and then all of a sudden he turned to magic in the post season. I certainly don’t COUNT on that. But, the conventional notion of a closer protects the Braves a little. If the other guy only has one inning left to get you, you are better off with your best couple of 1 inning guys taking 7 and 8 (with due regard for splits and handedness and “area of the lineup) than using the less effective reliever earlier.

The “whats.” Kyle Wright was the star. Well, then that brings up the “hows.” I really did think this time last year that the Braves could use Wright for 4 or 5 years as a fairly good number 4. Well, something changed. Last night 7 IP, 6 K, 5 H, 2BB, WHIP 1, R 0, pitches 96 with 63 for strikes. The “quality start” of 6 innings with 3 runs or less (includes the lesser run states) produces a team win nearly 80% of the time. So, with that, a generally strong run scoring offense, and what supposedly is a pretty good pen, you figure “we got this thing.” Minter was vintage Minter. And then in the 9th, Jansen got a flyout on the first pitch and a 3 pitch strikeout on the second batter. So WPA is soaring. Rockies need 3 runs after 2 outs just to tie. Then, a full count walk to Grichuk and a first pitch home run to the toggle switch. Then, a groundout followed by a large “whew” at Truist.

The offense has been a little tepid in this down stroke. Austin Riley forgot he was a contract signing slacker in the first and hit a home run with “the flow” on for a 2 run lead. Then, Gimp was able to launch one for a 3 to zero lead in the fifth. Overall, 5 hits and 4 walks (but 10 k’s in only 8 home innings).

No getaway today for the Rockies. Last night Mets beat Dodgers, so it is still a 3 game deficit. Rosters add 2 extra spots today. We got Jake Marisnick on a minor league deal yesterday and that is good injury / disastrous performance insurance. AA, time to admit your worst mistake in Atlanta and clear the dead (over) weight of Ozuna.

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  1. Good writeup Cliff.

    The Mets lost rookie 3rd baseman, Brett Baty to injury. He wasn’t doing much after his hr in his 1st career at bat against Atlanta. He won’t be a big loss, but as a few of you noted yesterday, his roster replacement is our old friend Terrence Gore. I guess the Mets were encouraged by his stellar performance with Atlanta last year.

  2. Chavez.

    Can’t even blame autocorrect. Inattention to detail.

    Seriously, what did who have to say about Jessee?

  3. Collin McHugh, A.J. Minter, and Charlie Morton were the main ones quoted. This was a good story from McHugh:

    We had a rough stretch earlier in the season where some starters were having trouble in the first inning… Ian (Anderson) or somebody was having some trouble in the first inning. And somebody — I think it might have been Ian — got through a clean first inning and punched out (struck out) the side. All of a sudden, Coach [the pen’s nickname for Chavez] jumps out of his chair and opens the door to the bullpen and screams, ‘Send him back out!’

    So it became a tradition… every day when a starter gets out of the first inning, he gets up and yells to send him back out. So when he was gone, Jackson (Stephens) had to take the reins and make sure that everybody heard him.

  4. @8

    That’s great. There’s the constant chicken-and-egg discussion about winning and chemistry, but I’ll just say I like it when I see it.

  5. Dodgers up on Mets early, 2-1, top 3. It’s a shaky Bassitt vs. a rusty Kershaw so far… let’s pick up a game before the wknd: We host the Fish (Alcantara tomorrow) & they host the Nats.

    “I think it might have been Ian…” I’ll bet it was Ian.

    And the sad fact is that the other night, while Ian was mired in the minors, it was “Ian Anderson Bobblehead Night” at Truist.

  6. Mets up three runs late on the Dodgers. While I know that crazy things can happen in baseball, I figured that for the Braves to have a realistic shot of catching New York, they needed to be within a game of the division lead by the end of play tonight. Not only did that possibility evaporate last night, Atlanta could actually be four games out, especially if their offense is as flat as it has been since leaving St. Louis. It’s a damn shame that those games against the Mets to close the season are now very unlikely to mean anything.

  7. Our ol’ pal Chris Martin coughed up the Dodger lead.

    Spencer Strider is one tough cookie out there. Does it look like his slider has a bit more horizontal movement to you all, or is that just me?

  8. @12–you do realize there is still a little over a month to play. I’m not predicting the Braves will catch the Mets, but there is time. Of course if the Mets keep playing so well the odds aren’t good, but anything can happen in 30 games.

  9. @14: yeah, I know there’s a bit of season left. But the Mets’ schedule is so easy . . .

  10. I’m not sure Agosto Eddie needs to be penciled in every day this month.

  11. Still a month to go, though you’d think a home series vs the Rockies while the Mets are playing the Dodgers would result in gaining at least one game. Alas.

  12. The Braves are just not picking the ball up out of his hand.

    Not till Riley!

  13. This magic Michael
    When he hits it in the air
    It goes forever
    And it always stays fair

  14. Not watching the broadcast, but it looks like Riley is something like 9 for his last 18 with power. Came on to see what bravey would have to say…

  15. Dansbo! That’s one of those hits with runners in scoring position I’ve heard so much about.

  16. Over the past week, Austin is 9-21 with two doubles, two homers, four walks, and four RBIs.

  17. It’s been a while, but seriously with Olson just straight up not catching balls.

    Edit: He just wanted him to get the Braves K record. Good thinking, Matty.

    16 for Strider! Yowza

  18. Strider now has a 2.67 ERA, a .98 WHIP, and 174 ks in 114.2 innings. Harris has had an incredible year, but it would be difficult not to vote for Strider for ROY. He has been nothing short of amazing.

  19. I’d vote for Strider. His level of pitching dominance at such a young age is simply incredible. He’s looking like a young deGrom.

  20. Good God, he was unreal. They just simply could not touch the fastball. He’s going to get some downballot Cy Young votes this year.

    Olson’s back to where he was at the beginning of the year, scuffling on both sides of the ball. His swing has a tendency for getting awfully long.

  21. Got to see some Braves history live tonight…wow he was just awesome. Our offense is scuffling and Spencer said it’s ok I got this.

  22. You were at this game? Amazing!!

    Can you give us a game report / scouting report? Who does Spencer most remind you of?

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