Yes, Vinings Ridge is probably a little over a mile southwest of the current Truist Park. Some of the best views of the City of Atlanta and its Metro environs can be had there. This is the place where the Overlook office parks and a luxury apartment mid rise sit. I once went to a conference room there and the office tenant pointed out Tyler Perry’s house. Actually, I thought it was a country club (seriously, there appeared to be 5 levels on the river front side). And, as the title says, when Billy Sherman rode to the top of Vinings Ridge, he could see the church spires of Atlanta (all of which were roughly between Memorial Drive and Decatur Street on the current map) for the first time.

Somebody’s 9 game streak had to end. The Braves offensive surge seemingly triggered by the trade deadline acquisitions is waning. It has been 5 games since we scored over 5. The starting pitching has continued to be somewhere between good enough and excellent almost every night. The bullpen has been predictably effective or ineffective depending on which arms are used.

Last night, new phenom Huascar Ynoa was good enough, but not great. However, “the force in this one is strong.” He gave up 3 over 6 innings (a minimal Quality Start). He also struck out 9. The recaps this morning show the “Death Pitch” making about 7 of the strikeouts and one each by the high 4 seamer and one that I swear had to be a sinker (angle shows ball starting at the bottom of the strike zone and dropping and it being around 95 mph). Also, despite being o for 2, Ynoa’s OPS is still at 1.000.

Offensively, Dansby hit a solo shot, and the Hammers got almost as many walks and hits as the Yankees, but they didn’t sequence together well. Minter’s return from exile and return to form continued with 2 strikeouts in a clean inning to follow Ynoa, but Santana gave up 2 to take loss probability from around 85% to 95%. Chavez bailed him out and finished this one.

Maybe the Yankees will make the left flanking move to Roswell tonight and make it easier for the Hammers to win.