Fried Does It All In 9-0 Win Over Rays

Call it the Max Fried Game.

Fried threw seven innings of four-hit shutout baseball and went 3-for-3 with a pair of RBIs at the plate in a 9-0 victory for the Braves over the Tampa Bay Rays.

With the laundry list of injuries on this club leading to a lack of depth, superstar individual performances from the high-end talent might be all the 2021 Braves really have left. The Braves got one last night when Freddie Freeman went 4-for-5, but couldn’t make it hold up. 

Tonight it held up and then some. 


  • Max Fried put the team on his back tonight after a brutal loss last night. That’s what you need from your leaders, especially in the starting rotation. He was the prototypical “stopper” tonight. 
  • And a hitter! For the second time in July, a team intentionally walked Kevan Smith to pitch to Max Fried and got burned with an RBI hit. Although I suppose it wasn’t the worst game-management decision Kevin Cash has made in the last year. 
  • Heck, Fried even set the tone in the first inning when he picked off Wander Franco. I guess you could say he…wandered too far off the bag. You’re right, I’ll stop. 
  • Welcome to Atlanta, Joc Pederson! Clearly the Braves have found an outfielder who can crush left-handed pitching. I mean, he must do this against lefties every night, right? Right? 
  • Speaking of home runs, Freddie Freeman hit another one. His OPS is over .900 and he has 21 home runs on the year. Extend that man. 
  • Kevan Smith with a hit and two runs scored? Oh yeah, *everything* was working tonight. 
  • In the middle of a stretch of 18 games in 17 days, every single time you can save the bullpen work is crucial. All of the high leverage arms got the night off tonight thanks to Fried. 
  • In fact, the three Atlanta pitchers didn’t even allow an extra base hit in the game. This was as comprehensive a win as the team has had all year, arguably including the two 20-run explosions against the Pirates and Mets. 
  • The Braves are 1-0 in the Stephen Vogt era. Was he the spark this team has been missing all along? 


  • I’ll give you the same number of negatives as the number of runs the Braves allowed tonight: zero.

Former Brave Of The Day: 

Are we talking enough about how good Craig Kimbrel has been this season? He locked down another save today for the Cubs, lowering his ERA on the season to 0.53.

Quote Of The Game: 

“Nine times…” 

— Edward Rooney

Tomorrow’s Goal: 

You know what the Braves haven’t done yet this season? No, don’t say go over .500, that’s unoriginal. They haven’t won an interleague series yet. Three losses and two splits so far. Get off that schneid tomorrow, and then maybe take care of the other one on Monday.

67 thoughts on “Fried Does It All In 9-0 Win Over Rays”

  1. Probably nothing, but Jason Kipnis got pulled last night after 1 AB in Gwinnett.

  2. Great game. Great write up.

    Come on home Kimbrel – for a last hurrah. And bring the cavalry with you! LOL.

    Hey, I’d be happy with a series win against these Rays.

  3. Edward. Rooney. Nice.

    “Yeah, that’s right, just, uh, roll her old bones on over here, and I’ll dig up your daughter. You know that’s school policy.”

    Great movie.

    Anyway, as was said, we’re 3 games back. Even Washington at 5.5 back probably think they’re in it.

  4. Camargo, Contreras, Jackson, and Demeritte sure makes up a great core of a AAA team…… Along with Wright, Wilson, Roark, Biddle, Webb, Burrows. Great AAA team….. I sure hope the Kipnis pull means something but it’s more likely that it was just a blowout win (Pache was pulled late too).

    The one guy I’d really like to see get called up (at least to AAA) is Indigo Diaz. He seems to really have the potential to move fast and make a contribution at the highest levels. Is there any chance he could be worse than some of our existing relievers?

  5. @5 I’ve got my top 30 prospects coming out tomorrow and I’m also in love with Indigo Diaz.

  6. If we go out and get a really good OF (say a Gallo type), why not platoon Heredia and Pederson in CF? Or Pache and Pederson? A platoon might be a better way to break Pache in for the long run. If you keep Heredia in CF even a Pederson/Arcia platoon might provide benefits.

  7. Yeah, Pederson isn’t a CF anymore.

    Roger, you live in DC, right? Are you blacked out from watching any Nats games, regardless of where they play? Because I’m in Tampa Bay, and these games are blacked out. Shouldn’t it matter WHERE the game is being played? Like if the Rays were playing in LA, am I blacked out? What sense does that make?

    Are you local Atlanta Braves fans blacked out from watching them nationwide?

  8. Actually, I remember now the issue: I’m blacked out because they want me to watch the Rays on cable TV. But the Rays’ regional sports network is not on YouTube TV, therefore I’m screwed. Screw you, MLB. We got our ACE on the hill, and I can’t watch him.

  9. Smyly is 5-0 in his last six starts with the Braves. (they won the other one) The guy’s a winner.

  10. @11 Rob, actually I work in DC and live in Maryland. Seems very odd to me. I am blacked out on for Mets/Phillies games on my phone but I can see them on my computer. I get Nats games on TV (MASN) so I don’t worry about being blacked out. I don’t think I can get Nats or O’s on my If the Braves play those while I’m in the car, I tune them in on radio.

    It all leaves me very confused mostly….

  11. Pirates hang 6 runs on Taijuan Walker in the 1st inning. Taijuan didn’t make it out of the first. Without deGrom and Lindor, the Mets will start flailing.

    @17 LFMAO Mets gonna “met”

  12. I’ve watched that 10 times now. That has got to be one of the most stupid plays I’ve ever seen on a big league field. The umpire is AGGRESSIVELY motioning it’s fair. Walker is clearly mad that the umpire called it fair, so he’s aware it’s fair. The 3B and catcher probably also knew it was fair. Like, what? So you’re just gonna not go get it?

    This is so Mets.

  13. Wow, I’m so happy that happened to the Mets. I need a cigarette, and I don’t even smoke.

  14. That ball must have had a crazy amount of topspin to roll back fair, which we can’t really see on that video. Just seeing the Mets standing around watching after Walker hit the ball thinking it was dead.

  15. 19 — The Pirates have involved in 2 mind blowing stupid plays now this season, with that rundown between home and first earlier this season. At least they were on the right side this time.

  16. @22 I read somewhere that the 1B for the Pirates that committed that blunder has ended up in Korea. Not sure if he was DFA’ed or optioned or whatever before going to Korea, but he said that he ended up in Korea to kinda get away from the situation. I would too. If I did something like that, I’d probably want to go to the moon.

  17. If we had a batting order arrangement like the Rays do today our fans would be screaming for Snitker’s head.

  18. Chip is so right. Pitchers without great velocity who know how to pitch are clearly advantaged by the unfamiliarity of hitters to their pitching style.

  19. @25 Since the beginning of May, ACE pitcher Drew Smyly has had a 3.34 ERA. The team is 8-3 in those 11 starts.

  20. With all the infield hits, does this count as “small ball?”

    @28 Happy to see you aboard the Smyly train. Choo-choo!!!!

  21. @28 I’m the founding member of the Atlanta chapter of his fan club, I believe.

  22. Third time through the order …

    Giving (at best) a tie game to this bullpen is like being down two runs.

  23. Atta boy Chip. Tell us again how Franco can’t hit the curveball. I thought Smyly should have been out after the 5th being the third time through the order when he normally starts to get hit

  24. Arcia has leveled of to his proper place in the BIG Leagues. Not belonging.
    Swanson again proves the higher in the order the worse he hits. And apparently becomes dumber.
    And an other passed ball.
    National League east is insulting.

  25. I understand Snitker’s reluctance not to go to the bullpen earlier. I don’t trust anyone down there either.

  26. The day started well. Hard not to dream of returning to .500 record & being only 2 GB the Mets. But it’s starting to trend in the opposite direction. C’mon, guys… let’s keep things interesting.

    Reminds me of Chuck Knoblauch’s famously brainless move in the ’98 ALCS.

    I was at the game & it was one of the most surreal moments I’ve ever experienced in a big-league stadium. The whole place let out a collective groan when the throw hit the runner; but then when 50,000 people realized what was really happening (Knoblauch was arguing instead of picking up the baseball), they all popped out of their seats & began screaming at Knoblauch in all manner of distress. Thousands of people were pointing at the ball…

    Call me weird, but there are few things funnier than a stadium full of Yankee fans losing their mind over something like that. Veins bulging, eyes rolling, heads exploding, a felony just inches away…

    But the highest comedy of it all was the Steinbrenner-directed response — Knoblauch had to have a press conference the next day apologizing to the fans. Perfect.

  27. No double switch ?? Snit clueless .. he coulda put in OF for Arcia and kept Chavez in game .. now we gonna see Minter .. wasted Chavez . Snit never double switches …

  28. 37 — I was thinking the same. Chavez has been one of our better relievers lately and now he just pitched to one guy.

  29. Maybe Joc Pederson will be like Ryan Klesko when he stopped getting platooned in San Diego.

  30. 35 — I think David Cone once had a similar play to that with the Mets, too. Except he was arguing a safe call and the play was still live.

  31. Seatbelts fastened for a repeat of Friday. End well, this will not …

    The defensive shift to Wendell didn’t help, but Minter is just bloody useless.

  32. I saw the Cubs might be willing to trade Anthony Rizzo. He’d fit right into our bullpen.

  33. Three LHBs, two runs come across. What exactly do you do here, A.J.?

  34. We have 8 relievers right now: Chavez, Greene, Jackson, Martin, Matzek, Santana, Smith, and Tomlin. How many of them do you trust in a close game?

    I say one. Luke Jackson. That’s it. Ok, universe. You win.

  35. Sounds like the crowd is letting Snit know what they think of Minter.

    @47 does AA not see it? I would rather try some of the kids at AAA instead of these dudes that have proven they aren’t effective anymore. Minter, Matzek, Tomlin and Martin should be gone

  36. “So, it’s a battle of the bullpens the rest of the way …”

    Chip might as well have added, “If you promise to patronize our sponsors, you have permission to walk the dog.”

  37. The best reliever in the Braves’ bullpen would be a mop-up guy for the Rays.

    That’s why some teams win close games and some barf them up.

  38. Please, none of you thought Jackson was for real. Some of you did? Sure fooled you.
    What is always found in a bullpen?
    Braves have enough for all Georgia farmers.

  39. Funny how the AL manager understood the benefit of the double switch while our NL manager didn’t

  40. What I wouldn’t give to trade our front-office and field-management team straight-up for that of the Rays. Liberty’s ownership drives one nuts, but imagine what they could do with the Braves’ budget compared to what they have in St. Petersburg.

  41. The front office of the Rays and Braves is roughly equivalent. They came from the same place. The on field management is where they differ. The Braves need to get rid of Snitker and Kranitz and go with a more analytical approach to management and coaching. Seitzer does a fine job. Of course Wash is awesome.

  42. We may not win this game, but Shane Greene has an opportunity to get his ERA into single digits. Baby steps.

    This team has A LOT of holes. And yes, they might win the division. But is it worth it to buy so you can be the worst playoff team?

  43. Bullpen disappointment on repeat. What else can you say?

    The Friday & Sunday games are just 2 more bitter chapters in the story of this crap season.

    Aaaand… the Mets just took the lead in the top of the 9th. Swell…

  44. Rob is correct. Cash is out to prove he is smarter than Madden. He is not even close. He makes moves just to make them, with no valid proof they are the best ones. The Ray’s front office runs rings around the Braves.
    That being said Cash destroys Snitker.
    Snitker is probably a perfect example of good guy, bad at his job.
    Look at the Ray’s batting averages. Bad but look at what they produce. Of course their pitching is very good, and doing so without their ace. I would like to see how every team would do with the Ray’s payroll. Plus the dog turd of a ballpark they play in.

  45. Mets win and Phillies win a DH .. further distancing us .. if AA doesn’t address bullpen now.. we are done .

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