Not the finest three hours for Chris Conroy. In addition to some questionable ball-and-strike calls, he called Joc Pederson out on a foul tip the catcher couldn’t corral, and called Freddie out on a play at the plate where he slid in under the tag. (Not for nothing, but third base umpire Bill Welke’s literally been fined for blowing calls before.) Do better, blue.

Not a great game all around, to be honest. Charlie Morton wasn’t his sharpest. He struck out nine and walked nobody in five innings. But he also gave up another homer to Giancarlo Stanton, which you could understand, if he hadn’t also given up a homer to Rougned Odor, a guy whose OPS is under .700.

Meanwhile, the Braves struggled to score off Andrew Heaney, who came in with an ERA of 5.51. He allowed just three hits in four innings. Thankfully, one of those hits was a two-run Dansby double. In the fifth, the Braves put together a rally and scored one run. They should have been credited with a second, but Freddie was called out on a play that was inconclusive in real time, but the replay made it pretty clear he got in under the tag.

In yet one more example of the CYA “call stands” malarkey into which the umpires have turned baseball’s ineffectual instant replay, he was called out. Then, Chris Martin yielded a solo insurance homer in the 7th.

In the final frame, Aroldis Chapman completely struggled to command his fastball, and the Braves managed one more bases-loaded walk. But with the bases still loaded, Freddie flied out.

The Braves have scored a total of five runs against Yankee pitching staffs led by Jordan Montgomery and Andrew Heaney, and that ain’t enough, especially if our pitchers insist on continuing to pitch to Stanton. Two off days in a row feels perverse, but these fellas look like they sure could use at least one of them.