Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!


“I got rock. ”

“I got rock”.

“Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!”

“I got rock. ”

“I got rock”.

The Braves are facing off against the Yankees in a 2-game series at Truist Park. Like the Braves, the Yankees have a 9-game winning streak of their own. Also like the Braves, the Yankees made significant improvement to their 26-man roster adding Andrew Heaney, Anthony Rizzo, Joey Gallo, Joely Rodriguez, and Clay Holmes. The results?

  • Andrew Heaney: 6.55 ERA
  • Anthony Rizzo: .829 OPS
  • Joey Gallo: .669 OPS
  • Joely Rodriguez: 2.35 ERA
  • Clay Holmes: 2.16 ERA

The bullpen has been strengthened, Rizzo has been solid, Gallo has struggled, and Heaney’s been heinous. This feels very much like the Braves deadline, and, in all likelihood, will look similar when game 162 is played. In the last 30 days, the Braves are 4th in MLB in runs scored at 144 and Yankees 8th at 133. For pitching the Braves are 2nd with a 3.29 ERA while the Yankees are first with a 3.13 ERA. Bringing the stats full circle, in 28 games:

  • Yanks have given up 96 runs, Braves have given up 90 (Yankees defense have given up 12 unearned runs).
  • Braves have scored 144 runs, Yankees have scored 133.

For tonight, it’s Jordan Montgomery vs. Huascar Ynoa. Tomorrow, we will see Andrew Heaney vs. Charlie Morton. In both the small sample and the large, the pitching matchups favor the Braves. And while the small sample is the new sample since both teams have had drastic changes to their lineup, the offensive matchup also favors the Braves.

I know, as fans, we’re supposed to be leery of this interleague matchup. However, when factoring in the pitching matchups, the offenses, and home field, I like our chances.

Braves Lineup

Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

21 thoughts on “Rock, Paper, Scissors, SHOOT!”

  1. I think this is the night Mike Soroka joins the TV guys in the booth. I’ve been looking forward to this. From the year he was drafted out of high school, it’s been clear this kid has a preternatural understanding of pitching–and he’s been quite articulate when he discusses it. Greg Maddox was the smartest pitcher who ever lived, but he could be pretty cryptic in discussing the craft.
    Soroka is very open and polished in these conversations about baseball.

  2. @3 Agreed. Looking forward to tonight. Pretty crazy that an injured player is in the booth.

  3. FWIW, the Yanks traded Luis Cessa to Cincy at the deadline.

    As always, Joey Gallo is a feast-or-famine guy… but he’s already won 2 games with HRs. Very quickly, a lotta Gallo jerseys have started showing up at Yankee Stadium.

  4. @ububba

    A friend just texted me and told me he was on Cinci. Yeah, got that one ass backwards. Fixed. Appreciate it.

  5. This has got to be the largest outfield in history, right? Judge is in center with Stanton in right and Gallo in left. Gallo at 6’5”, 250 lbs is the smallest of the three.

  6. @9, from what I can understand of the BRef advanced and not-so-advanced stats, he looks to have been a bit better than average in his 85 innings so far this year. He certainly looked good catching Soler’s drive. As big as he is, he may not have a quick first step, but once gets going, he seems to cover a lot of ground.

  7. Amen — and not a moment too soon! I’d love for us to be the hot team no one wants to face going into the playoffs.

  8. Yankees outfielders look like they can cover a decent amount of ground to me. Ynoa looks better than he looked earlier in the year to me and that’s impressive. Love the playoff type atmosphere at the stadium.

  9. Geez, keep Ynoa from punching something in the dugout please.

    Ump is partly to blame with bad calls on the Gallo AB.

    Offense is extremely unlucky tonight, seems like one of those games….

  10. We were certainly due for “one of those games,” and this would seem to be it (notwithstanding the chance for a crazy ninth-inning comeback).

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