All that and ragging on Chip: Braves 5, Potomacs 1

Having lost my bile depository over the weekend*, I thought that I could enter this week well disposed to everyone.  But I guess the lack-of-goodwill kind of bile is metaphorical, because I seem to have plenty.

I had originally written a longish thing about Marcell Ozuna, but I’m shelving it.  Instead, I want to take on an evergreen topic: Chip Caray.  And I’m not going to focus on all the things I’ve talked about before, like (a) his inability to use his voice to tell people not at the game how well a ball is hit; (b) his frankly idiotic views on pitch selection; (c) his self-deprecation as a defense mechanism; (d) his total focus as the fifth inning ends on the pitcher win; (e) his ownership of baseball (“our game”); (f) his maniacal anticipation of every potential double play and home run opportunity, all prefaced with the verbal tic that drives me and no one else up the wall – “Let’s see if…”; (g) his disdain for “three true outcome baseball” combined with a celebration of every Braves homer and walk at the plate and pitcher’s strikeout; (h) his latest decision that pitchers aren’t throwing enough fastballs without a scintilla of interesting data to back that up; (i) the hackneyed pseudo-catchphrases (“Right man at the right time” “thank you very much”, etc, etc.); (j) the unalloyed love for small ball and the off field hit, again without data; and, last but certainly not least; (k) the Cubs.

Wow… that was a pretty long list of things I’m not going to talk about. I guess there’s definitely some residual bile.

Anyway, my new peeve is Chip’s nattering about recent irrelevant performance.  Clearly, in order to keep the solecisms at a minimum, Chip is now showing up with, and I expect actually studying (to give him some credit) what players have done in their last week of at-bats, or in the last ten at bats (sometimes occurring over 3 years) head-to-head between batter and pitcher, or on a pitcher’s last five starts against a team (a team which is radically different than the teams he faced before, save style of cap.)  Small sample sizes are actually meaningless, and the more outlying and surprising the stat, the more meaningless it is.  The less outlying the stat is, the more irrelevant it is.

Look: I know Chip has to keep talking, and left to his own devices the results would not be pretty. But handing him irrelevant statistics to spout really isn’t any better, especially since he takes every one of them so seriously. Let me ask you all. Y’all have been watching Braves baseball this season: how much information does a reliever’s last three appearances give you about what he’s going to do today? Since the answer is, to a first approximation, one gnat’s ass, why is it invariably cited? It’s perfectly fine to say: “Freddie has been seeing the ball well in the last week.” But his batting average in the last week tells you almost nothing about that. Nor for that matter, would some spate of strikeouts.

I want to be clear: I have no problem with the use of this sort of thing to tell you what happened over the last week. But it’s being used, at least implicitly (and often combined with a “let’s see if…,” explicitly) to provide evidence about what you’re about to see. And that’s ridiculous.

I’m sure this doesn’t bother everyone.  I spent a career as a professional economist and statistician, though, and I have too much respect for numbers and calculations as evidence to see numbers with no evidential value used to fill time.  For those who let this sort of crap just glide by without irritating the brain pain centers, choose from (a)-(k) above instead.

It took me the first five innings to write this.  And the first five innings saw three total hits.  The Braves pitched Tucker Davidson, who joins Ian Anderson, Luke Jackson, Chris Martin, Grant Dayton, Charlie Morton, Sean Newcomb, and Will Smith as pitchers with the surnames of American colleges or universities.  (That leaves out only Minter, Matzek, Santana, Tomlin and Fried, though I believe that the KFC executive training program is known as Fried University.)  Oh, and Smyly, but I no longer think of him as a Braves pitcher.  He’s dead to me.

Through 5 2/3, “Wildcat” Davidson gave up a lone single, but he walked five and Snit brought the hook in as he does for everyone except the late Drew Smyly, for whom he waits for a few fan souvenirs before taking him out.  He was matched, though, by Patrick Corbin until the bottom of the 6th, when an Acuña single and stolen base was followed by an Albies single which I’m pretty sure no one in baseball could have scored off of other than Ronald — he had to break back to see if Turner was going to field it, turned around flat-footed when it got by Turner and scored from second. A Riley double inside the first base bag scored Albies, and a long home run by Dansby made it 4-0 really quickly. Corbin was gone in about as Smyly-esque fashion possible. Patrick Corbin is making $24.4 million this year, well over double what Smyly is making. Instead of bitching about Smyly we could be Natinals fans bitching about Corbin, twice as loud.

(Let me just make another editorial comment here: Chip and Frenchy talked for a solid 40 seconds about how the shift on Dansby meant he ought to go to right to bring home Riley. Somehow, all that incisive analysis was lost when Dansby hit one 400 feet to left. I never played baseball professionally, but I don’t think a player consciously trying to beat a shift can easily adjust to a hanging breaking ball, certainly not as well as a player trying to take his normal swing.)

The Braves added another Acuña-Albies combo run in the 7th with Ronald scoring easily from first on an Albies double.

A kinda meaningless scratch run off Smith with two outs in the 9th ruins the shutout.

One last issue. Defenders of the Win stat — explain how Josh Tomlin “deserves” a win in this game. Especially, see (d) in the Chip Caray Pantheon of Inadequacy. Let me restate my position: I have no problem with any metric that summarizes a pitcher’s performance accurately. Wins and losses sometimes do, but often don’t. They don’t even facilitate cross-era comparisons, since what starting pitchers do today is so different from what starting pitchers did as little as 20 years ago, much less in Cy Young‘s era.

So we split with the Capitol gang and the Ring-bearing Dodgers bring their talents to Atlanta over the weekend. Go get ’em.

* Thanks to all for the good wishes. I feel great. I woke up from surgery and played golf 72 hours later.

Author: JonathanF

Alive since 1956. Braves fan since 1966. The first ten years were pretty much wasted. Exiled to Yankees/Mets territory in 1974 --- bearable only with TBS followed by MLB.TV.

78 thoughts on “All that and ragging on Chip: Braves 5, Potomacs 1”

  1. Had not thought of the college and university pitcher co-incidence, although seeing “Davidson” on the shoulders of “Wildcat” did cause a smile, as I am a Dad to four Wildcats. Great school, and great Davidson performance today. :)

  2. Wow Jonathan! That was gold. One of the most fun recaps. Loved and agree on the Chip “analysis”. He is getting more and more painful to listen to.
    Solid win today. The weekend series will be fun. I had a plane ticket to fly out and watch that series – bought it back when the 2021 schedule came out. Unfortunately, still not allowed to fly to the US due to Covid. So they will have to win the series without me. Go Braves!

  3. Haha, man, you really hate Chip Caray. I love it. One day, I’m going to go through your a through k and offer a defense to the ones I can. Some of them are indefensible.

    I did do some searching online last night, and apparently I am firmly in the minority in my non-hatred of Chip Caray. He is rated very low in overall rankings and appears on quite a few “worst” rankings. I don’t think he’s good, but I didn’t think he would be considered sport-wide as being so bad. I think I have some blinds spots; the only other broadcasting crew I consume regularly is the Rays’, and they’re not highly rated either. I’m being bludgeoned into having low expectations, it seems. According to independent ratings, the Rays’ Dewayne Staats and Chip Caray are similar: both “old man yells at cloud” types, not particularly analytical, but they have good baseball voices and they’re fun.

    But no one will convince me that part of the hatred of Chip is not in large part due to frustrations over nepotism. I agree that if his name was Chip Smith, he wouldn’t be an announcer, but he wouldn’t be hated as much as he is. If he’s 27th in baseball like the Fangraphs’ ranking ranked him, he would be like 24th or 25th if he wasn’t a Caray in my alternate universe.

    One last point about Chip: would Skip or Harry be also hated in today’s day and age? I think most announcers over 50 or so (which Skip and Harry were in the prime of their careers) don’t like the modern game. If Skip were Chip’s age today, he might be another “old man yells at cloud” type.

  4. JC’ed from last thread:

    Our issues divided into degree of difficulty of being fixed:

    Easy Fixes:
    -Backup catcher
    -Depth in the bullpen
    -Depth on the bench

    Intermediate Difficulty Fixes:
    -Late inning bullpen reliability
    -5th starter issues
    -Freddie performing below career expectations

    Very Difficult Fixes:
    -No middle of the order bat and seemingly no resources to get one
    -Not having a third elite starting pitcher

    I’m torn on the degree of difficulty to fix the 5th starter issues. Smyly would be league average for the rest of the year (very possible), and we would be fine.

  5. I totally agree. Chip has gotten worse; and that is something.

    He clearly wants to be in Chicago. He clearly wants to it to be 1988. I really have a hard time watching the game. I feel like Frechy is struggling with him in the booth, he seems frustrated. Frenchy is really good, so it’s terrible Chip is dragging him down like he did Joe Simpson.

    Nick Green is a bore. I enjoy Byrd and Moylan. Kelly is dull and not Kelsey.

    They will never get rid of Chip (though every other employer he’s had over the last 20 years has) but I honestly turn off the games in the middle innings. I just can’t handle him.

  6. Thanks as always, JonathanF. That’s quite a catalog not to write about!
    (g) is the one that’s gotten to me lately. Chip and Jeff constantly urge our guys to go with the pitch, hit behind the runner, use the big part of the park, etc. But he also can’t resist letting us know what the score would be if the batter connects for a long one, especially when the Braves are trailing.

  7. @4 But Smyly needs to be managed correctly and Snit has failed to do that multiple times. If we know he struggles the third time through, shouldn’t they? He is complete fools gold and you need to stop the madness after the second time through. With two outs, maybe you let him face the leadoff hitter (as long as it isn’t Turner) but otherwise you need to take the 4 or 5 innings and move along. Like I said the other day, treat it like a semi bullpen game.

  8. To second Timo, this was Au indeed Jonathan. Look at it as a glass half full. As galling as it must be for you, Chip is now the source of bile your body still really needs.

  9. Not sure there’s less of a fan of Chip than I am. He’s completely unlistenable, says at least 5 things every night that are nonsensical and another five that are flat out wrong. So frustrating that we can’t do better. I rarely am able to listen to a game without hitting mute at some point. If a player isn’t getting the job done they are replaced. Should be the same for the announcers. #stopchipcaray

  10. @3: “I agree that if his name was Chip Smith, he wouldn’t be an announcer, but he wouldn’t be hated as much as he is.” Sure, because if he weren’t an announcer nobody but his kids would know who he is. And nobody hated Skip because of nepotism, or Joe Buck, or Kenny Albert, or even Thom Brennaman until he screwed up last year. Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother is a much better actress than she’ll ever be, and Gwyneth is hated, but it’s not because she’s Blythe Danner’s daughter.

    Harry Caray, like Phil Rizzuto, was beloved as a fixture in town and as a character far beyond their obvious deficiencies as announcers. They were “fun,” not really announcers. Same with a guy who made Chip sound like Vin Scully: Hawk Harrelson.

    Skip is an interesting case, and I’m not in the least objective: I loved the guy’s work, particularly when the teams were truly awful. But I think a lot of what he did in irreverence is present today, in suitably modified form, in Sciambi and even Krukow. He had shtick, but I think that shtick would still play today. But like I said: I don’t even pretend to be objective about Skip. I have no problem being objective about his son. There are those who like John Sterling’s shtick. I have no patience for those people, and I’ve argued with them vociferously, but when it comes down to: hey, I like it, the Romans had an expression: De Gustibus Non Est Disputandem, meaning whatevs — you be you.

  11. Skip is the guy we grew up with. He was funny and delivered the big calls for those 90s teams. I loved when he called out the tragic foils. He was also honest about the team and wasn’t a mouth piece for the organization.

    Not everyone liked Skip, but he was his own man. Chip recycles his and Harry’s jokes and it’s just awful.

  12. I don’t demand for my announcers to be smart. I demand for them to be interesting and entertaining.

    Chip is neither of those. I think nothing would be lost if they shuffled him away.

  13. Just yesterday I wrote here of the shining example of the glories of nepotism presented by Dip Carey. He was let go by the Cubs and canned by TBS for being a lousy baseball broadcaster — so the Braves hired him. If he were Chip Dumbrowski he would be lucky to find a broadcasting gig in Single-A.

  14. Yes ,
    This is Bill Edwards Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune in Boyton Beach ⛱and Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.
    I agree Drew Smyly is a dead issue let’s March. To a different beat .Forget Drew smly he smells as a pitcher needs more seasoning as my Little coaches always said needs more seasoning Minor league, Trade him.or put on.wavers..its time The Atlanta Braves need to make a decision now not in a Month. From now . As for Marcel ozuna He knows better I’m sorry. . You also have another pitcher who punched a Bench due to a Bad Performance . He needs self control or Phycologist. No excuses the Atlanta Braves had enough set backs it’s decision time
    Bill Edwards Have a nice day. Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune in Boyton Beach And Lauderdale Lakes, Florida .

  15. This uw is Bill Edwards Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune in Boyton Beach and Lauderdale Lakes FLORIDA . It’s Decision time . The Braves to make a Decision on Pitcher Drew Smyly. , Marcel Ozuna and the Pitcher who punched the bench After having. A Poor Performance Trade Drew Smyly . Put him on wavers or send him down to the Minor league . Those are your options Ozuna knows better if he can’t act like an adult than release him or Phycologist. That your only choices plus Send him to The minor league or Extensive council in with a Coach The Atlanta Braves paid Marcel Ozuna a 60 Million dollar Extention and he is not delivering as expected. The bench he needs extensive training and a Lot of Patience . The only player performing well is Ronald Acuna and he can’t do it all.
    Bill Edwards Editor of The Palm Coast Tribune in Lauderdale Lakes and Boyton Beach FLORIDA,Florida.

  16. So, what is the incentive for someone to design a bot like Mr. Edwards? I have a lot to learn about the internet, it seems.

  17. As it happens I know a Phycologist, but although he knows a lot about algae, he can’t explain Bill.

  18. I enjoy the Edwards/Edawards bit. I’d take him as a play-by-play bot over Chip any day – no matter who he’s related to. But you know me Al.

    @#s 1, 6, and 17 last post: how about Chad Cordero? He played for the Expos the years they split time at Hiram Bithorn, and stayed with them to DC without ever playing anywhere else. Or is he DQd by the name change?

  19. Whether Bill is booted or allowed to stay, the one thing we must never do is argue about Bill. Bill exists to sow dissension, people!

  20. @26, looks like it. After writing my earlier posts, I found a tool on BRef that finds players who spent their careers with team X and team Y, or only with teams A, B, and C, etc. It listed Joe Horgan, Henry Mateo, and T.J. Tucker as players who played for Montreal (when they played in Hiram Bithorn) and Washington and no other team. Not sure why it didn’t list Cordero; he played in a couple of other organizations in the minors but never in the majors. Maybe he was on another team’s 25-man roster but never got in a game or something.

  21. Hm. Weird. I guess I just glossed over that last season on bref. I figured there would be more on the 04 team, but after I checked a couple fun ones (Termel Sledge!), I just worked my way up from the bottom until I found one… almost.

  22. I think we can all agree with Bill Edwards that Drew Smyly smells as a pitcher – at least so far.

    I don’t know if I agree @4 that we are in need of a backup catcher. Kevan Smith seems to be fine and if not, Lucroy is working at Gwinett and may eventually provide value once a week. As inconsistent as Contreras has been behind the plate I would say we are lacking a starting catcher more than a backup and dArnaud won’t be back until late in the year. From what I’ve seen I would be good with looking to trade Contreras at some point and bringing in Langeliers if he continues to show he’s ready.

  23. I left out quite a few… “Center Cut” is an excellent example, as is “buzzing the tower” (in which he seems curiously unaware that the tower is the head) and of course “just missed it” I would note that occasionally a phrase is used for years and then retired: “screaming Mimi” is a good example there. Now every liner is a “rocket” instead. “tools of ignorance,” “clear and convincing evidence,” “the age old question: rest vs rust”. It’s a long list, which ‘etc, etc’ was supposed to connote.

  24. Jonathan F, there are very few individual writeups that I remember over the years, but this one will be etched into the noggin. Toe to toe, no one can beat our writing team.

    And Chip Caray sucks and makes everyone around him worse.

  25. Bill might be a bot, but he’s our bot. He’s like a pet hedgehog. No one truly cares about the hedgehog but kid owners like to show other kids how it can roll up into a spiky ball.

  26. Methinks Contreras will take a backseat behind the plate to this dude. If his bat sticks, we’re going to be in for a real treat. Maybe Contreras becomes backup/DH.

  27. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it (if so, I missed it like I missed Chad Cordero’s Seattle line on BRef), but Chip seems to have started saying “cue shot” every couple of innings as well. Don’t remember him saying that much before the last week or so.

  28. @39 – Do you think Langeliers will make it to the majors by the All Star Break? With the poor glovework of Contreras I don’t see him sticking as a backup catcher. Right now Contreras’ bat is only playable at catcher. He’s shown encouraging signs, but he’s just barely above replacement level.

  29. @td
    That all depends on d’Arnaud. Also, let’s not forget that Contreras is young and is hungry. There’s a lot he can improve on in the offseason and I bet he works his ass off.

  30. I’m not sure if Chip is really researching or valuing these specific stats as much as they’re just provided to him in the Game Notes. If the Braves stopped handing them to him, my guess is he’d stop talking about them.
    Brent Blackwell
    Georgia, GEORGIA

  31. @41/42 – Yeah, in fairness to Contreras, we weren’t supposed to see him yet this year, right? The defensive issues, understandably, feel especially glaring right now because we’re seeing them in the majors, during a season where the team has zero margin for error. But he’s 23, he’d never played above AA before a cup of coffee in the bigs last year, and he has been our starter for all of a month. I’m not ready to write him off yet.

  32. 43 – Bravo, good form sir.

    44 – Agreed, Contreras has the potential to be a top 5 offensive catcher in the league and has some good tools behind the plate. Those tools are going to take some time to develop, but he’s not hopeless back there, just raw at times.

  33. @37–thanks, Ryan. Freddie is absolutely fine. He will end up with a typical Freddie season, which is excellent. And Contreras is fine. He is just raw. It’s good to see Ozzie and Dansby turning it on. They will be fine.
    The bigger problem with the offense is two black holes in the outfield. They had planned to live with one replacement level outfielder with the bat (Pache), on the assumption that Ozuna could approach his numbers from last year. Now we’re stuck with two nonproductive hitters in the OF. Heredia has been terrific, but he will regress. Adrianza and Almonte are not big league hitters for a corner outfield spot.
    AA will do something, but it may be July before he can.

  34. Heredia already has turned into a pumpkin. TFloyd is right, the Braves need to find 2 starting outfielders from outside the organization if they want to win the division.

  35. @14 It seems that Chip actually makes a lot of (dollars) and sense for this Braves team since had been canned by the Cubs and by TBS. He must have been a buy-low type of situation that has just stuck as a Mainstay (TM). He’s Great Value. The owners of this team are just despicably cheap… and I’m sure it’s only downhill from here in terms of broadcast crew and quality.

  36. @37

    Freddie may indeed be fine — I certainly expect better results going forward than what he’s had to this point. That said, while I have only this snapshot of Mr. Buzz’s general outlook on life and the phenomena that comprise it, he strikes me as someone at a particular point in his expertise where a lot of people get stuck — an arrogant belief that we are 1) currently measuring the right things, and 2) measuring them well.

  37. Freddie has a .224 BABIP. Whether that’s due to luck or launch angle or both, it’s going to change. If he even had a .300 BABIP — significantly below his career average — he would have a 900+ OPS and we wouldn’t even be talking about it. We would probably have a couple more wins too. That’s ball.

  38. Is there any data that shifting has been more effective against Freddie so far this season?

  39. This is a big series for both teams. Both for the Braves to see if it actually has any fire within its belly to buck up and be a man against the Dodgers, and for the Dodgers to pick up wins against a wounded duck, right now. Plus they’re currently third in their own division.

  40. Freeman 21 vs. career totals:

    rOBA .352 .387
    OPS+ 112 137
    OBP .356 .382
    rBAT+ 110 141
    BABIP .224 .337
    ISO .216 .215

    HR% 5.2 4.1
    K% 16.7 20.1
    BB% 15.9 11.8

    Hard Hit 50 46.5
    Line Dr 25.2 30.2
    GB% 40 37.2
    FB% 31 28.5

    Pull% 20 30
    Center% 66.5 51.3
    Oppo% 13.5 18.6

    I’m in between “Freddie will be just fine” and this is disaster. I suspect he’ll end up at .275 with 25 HRs and 80 ish RBI but it won’t be anywhere near what we’re used to.

    I would not sign him to a long term contract and I haven’t waivered on that one bit.

  41. I’m in between “Freddie will be just fine” and this is disaster. I suspect he’ll end up at .275 with 25 HRs and 80 ish RBI but it won’t be anywhere near what we’re used to.

    $20 Freddie finishes the season with more than 25 HRs and 80 RBIs?

  42. 55 – Honestly can you just leave Chief be? I actually appreciated his stat breakdown. I don’t think you need to challenge him to a bet every time he makes a (somewhat) pessimistic prediction. I’m with you that sometimes it’s over the line but here his posts are in the ballpark of reasonable…

  43. @56 You find that to be only somewhat pessimistic? That’s almost as insane as what he actually said. He’s saying he’s going to have 13 home runs over his next, likely, 400 PAs when he’s had 12 in his first 233. C’mon, Dusty. He’s trolling you.

  44. We all love Freddie Freeman. For many reasons baseball talent being one them.
    Last year was a season that will never be duplicated. Plus he can’t run and is an average fielder at best. So if he hits 285, 25 home runs, 88 RBI’s be happy. Three years maybe. Who else is better for much less? The time is not far off (couple months) to go with five young pitchers.
    Remember the first few years of Maddax, Glavine and Smoltz? Nothing to brag about. This spending to much money for retreads is foolish and unproductive.
    Owners compromise, which means you lose.

  45. Freddie’s 162 game average is 28/98 so 25/80 is not unreasonable. I would take the over on both but not by a ton. We are exactly 1/3 thru the season so he is on pace for 36/89 on that I would take the over on RBI and the under on HRs. I think he’ll wind up hitting .290/29/92 FWIW. We should have a contest to guess Freddie’s final line.

  46. Back to Contreras, I agree that he may eventually be able to develop his defense. I’m just not optimistic that it will happen this year and I don’t know if we can afford the wait. Otoh, Langeliers seems to be already there defensively. If he’s there offensively (something I’m not convinced of yet), he’s definitely the better option going forward. I think Contreras could bring good value in a trade and I’m okay with him working on his defense somewhere else.

    I don’t think Contreras will ever develop defensively if he plays backup catcher, so I see his choice as either the majors as a starter or the minors as a starter.

  47. I’m not really all that concerned about him, because he’s just an adjustment away, but… Pitchers are throwing more strikes to Freddie than ever (48%), and he’s swinging at those strikes less than ever (75.5%). It’s not enough of a difference to signal any kind of collapse, but there is going to come a point where he just isn’t going to have the physical ability to be as selective as he truly wants to be, and he’s going to have to get more aggressive again. I don’t think that time has necessarily come – his near-future stats will sort themselves out, I think, as he’s 13th in MLB in DRC+ this year. He’s been behind in the count more frequently this year (from around 21% of PA to 25%), and that’s always going to hurt the numbers. He’s swinging less at the first pitch than ever, and he’s gone from being down 0-1 in 40.8% of PA to being down 0-1 in 44.7% of PA. Again, these are subtle shifts that aren’t themselves a huge concern, but they can add to the frustration when things aren’t going swimmingly.

    Yeesh, that rambled a bit. Apologies.

  48. @32 and @34 – I mentioned “center-cut” because it especially sets me off and to make matters worse, the guys on the radio have picked it up.

  49. We just got Ty Tice off waivers from the Jays. Looks like low risk/high reward guy

  50. I was digging around in Freddie’s splits and I think I picked up where we are noticing the struggles most.

    In 37 “high leverage” PAs Freddie is hitting .071/.297/.286, that’s 2 for 28 (both HRs) with 9 walks (4 intentional). When we have needed him to come through, he really hasn’t and it has cost several close games. Really small sample size and should even out over time.

  51. Ty Tice is now a Brave. Victor Arano DFA’d. The “he’ll probably suck less than the last guy” game continues. I’m not optimistic.

  52. So we basically traded Carl Edwards, Jr for Tice. The Jays put Tice on waivers to make room for Edwards. Interesting that Toronto would give up on Tice so quickly. He had a decent run in the minor leagues but apparently 7 innings was all they needed to see of him at the big league level.

  53. @61 For Freddie to hit only 13 HRs for the rest of the season, that would be one HR per 34 PAs. For his career, he has hit a home run every 24 PAs. So far this year, he’s hit a home run once every 19 PAs, which is exactly his pace for the last 3 years. He’s trolling, and I don’t think you should enable him.

  54. @69 Just simple probability and odds, they would have to find success with one of these buy low’s at some point. But with our luck, it won’t be for a few more turns.

  55. May it be so.

  56. @39: the pitcher respects his catcher’s arm for sure. That boy got out of the way quickly.

  57. Tice had really good minor league numbers and got DFA’ed after just a cup of coffee. And he’s just 24. So what’s wrong with him?

  58. Instant reply sucks as do the Atlanta Braves. What an embarrassment the bullpen is. I think Tice is the answer.
    Question is will Riley have more homers or errors? No disrespect meant, but those who judge the game by numbers only have limited baseball intelligence and never played the game in a serious manner.

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