Here it is, folks. The Braves are 26-28 and are about to go against the 2020 World Series champions. Not only that, but they’ll be facing Julio Urias, Clayton Kershaw, and Trevor Bauer. Let’s hope there’s magic in the air at Truist for the weekend series.

Braves News

Ty Tice is just the latest in right handed pitching acquisitions that reek of desperation. The list has gotten pretty lengthy: Carl Edwards Jr., Nate Jones, Victor Arano, Jay Flaa, Yoan Lopez, Edgar Santana Tanner Roark.

Here’s what Jays From the Couch had to say about Ty Tice:

His 5-foot-9 frame will no doubt get many stupid descriptors such as diminutive, short, tiny, under-sized, or the ever insulting pint-sized. But make no mistake, Ty Tice has legit major-league fastball which he routinely throws in the mid-90’s. Ty also a nice combination of slider and curves to keep batters off balance.

Jays from the Couch

Shane Greene Back This Weekend?

A few weeks back, we were told that Shane Greene would need 5-6 appearances at AAA before getting called up. It looks like that timeline might’ve accelerated.

Tonight’s Lineup

Get busy, Braves. Times ‘a Wastin’.