“I’m going to trust the consistency and the past performance of these guys. They’re going to hit. They’re not going to not hit. It’s three games in April. They’re going to hit.”

Brian Snitker, April 4, The Athletic

The Braves came into this game with just 12 hits and three runs on the year, and they got seven hits and five runs, four of ’em off Max Scherzer. (Four solo shots: Acuña twice, Freeman and Swanson once each.) That’s good!

The Braves came into this game with a 2.81 team ERA; today, the Braves gave up six runs (four of them “earned”) in eight innings. That’s bad.

I was thinking of trying to recap this game further, but a) I didn’t watch it because I’m in the blackout zone, and b) the Braves lost again so I figure you won’t mind if I change the subject.

I bet the weather’s nice in Georgia right now. April in Atlanta’s so beautiful, unless you’re allergic to pollen, in which case it’s harder to enjoy the beautiful weather through itchy eyes and a stuffed nose. I was just playing Fortnite with a couple of high school friends a week ago or so, and one of them was apologizing for having to go to sleep early because the pollen has been giving him headaches. Here in Washington, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, too.

It feels so well-earned, after that Arctic cold weather snap we had a couple of months ago, and a long winter after the shortest summer of our lives. It’s been a long time. But we’re nearly there. Hug someone you love and keep the faith. The Braves are gonna win a bunch of ’em starting tomorrow.