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After rummaging through the roster post-trade deadline with depressed finger clicks, I started dreaming how the team could improve without outside additions. Thinking about these internal additions prompted yesterday’s “Future Chip Caray Quotes” thread which was a ton of fun. This thought led to a totem-pole of thoughts that ended up coming out in an incomplete thought misinterpreted by masses:

Yes, it was assumed by many that I was implying kit AND caboodle should come up to replace the crappy kit AND caboodle. That wasn’t my point, but today, I accept the challenge with the fierceness my daughter channels when eating ice cream. However, I’m going to make 2 changes and that is Mike Foltynewicz and Sean Newcomb. They stay down. I want no part of Folty or Newk down the stretch and will place my full hope in a 4-man rotation. As with my daughter, I’m sure to fail and end up all sticky.

In the end, the Braves have to pay Ender Inciarte for 2021. If the Braves need someone to go multiple innings, Huascar Ynoa or Tommy Milone could be those guys. The Braves can keep “generic infielder” (see Pete Kozma) on the taxi squad just in case one of the middle infielders break something.

Rotation: Max Fried, Ian Anderson, Cole Hamels, Tucker Davidson

Lineup: Ronald Acuna Jr. Dansby Swanson, Freddie Freeman, Marcell Ozuna, Nick Markakis, Austin Riley, Travis d’Arnaud, Ozzie Albies, Cristian Pache

Bench: Tyler Flowers, Scott Schebler, Adam Duvall, Johan Camargo

Bullpen: Mark Melancon, Chris Martin, Shane Greene, Tyler Matzek, Luke Jackson, Will Smith, Darren O’Day, Huascar Ynoa, Tommy Milone, A.J. Minter, Grant Dayton.

My Real Thought

Sure, if I was a GM, I’d be dangerous and wild and would likely last 2 months at the helm, especially with the above scenario. However, Pache, Albies, and Hamels seem destined to get MLB time. And while I’d love nothing more than Ender getting the ax so Pache can play every day, that’s likely not happening with the $ he’s owed. Schebler is likely a pipedream for now, but the Braves need to seriously consider how they’re going to use Duvall in the future as his numbers against RHP are falling rapidly. Schebler could definitely help with that. I’ve given up on Tucker Davidson appearing in an MLB game this year.

Waiver Wire Clarification

There’s still a small chance that the Braves could try to add via the waiver wire, but being in first place, it’s going to be difficult. In an non-Covid year, players have to be in the org by 8/31 in order to be eligible for the playoff roster. This year, that date is 9/15, but as my friend Andy Harris, who writes over at Outfield Fly Rule said, it’s rare that a team cannot finagle their way into adding a player to the playoff roster, regardless of when said player was acquired.

Acuna and Albies Update


And Acuña…

Tonight’s Lineup

Get out the brooms!

Author: Ryan Cothran

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41 thoughts on “Braves Roster News, a Likely Useless Exercise and Game Thread”

  1. Sorry for the lack of advanced stats, but it’s pretty telling that our 3 starting pitchers for this series have at least 3 points ERA separating us from Boston’s starters.
    Game 1 – 5.61 and 1.60
    Game 2 – 5.79 and 2.25
    Game 3 – 9.00 and 6.00 (Hopefully this will be an even bigger gap after tonight’s game)

  2. Yeah, the Red Sox have been pummeled by injuries and have basically thrown in the towel this year. Let’s sweep them tonight and move on!

  3. Why would the Sawx put a righty in the 1st inning and a lefty in the second? Putting a lefty against Riley, Duvall, Camargo is like throwing up a white flag and punishing your young lefty.

    And Dansby just missed.

  4. Mike Kickham sounds like a guy who should go back to prepping the PowerPoint for the Midwest sales executives meeting.

  5. Ryan loves to rosterbate.

    I don’t think Tomlin gets DFA’d. He was really good out of the bullpen and if Snitker keeps him from facing the order more than twice he’s fine. I do think Folty will be back soon with the fluff reports we are getting. Hopefully he actually has regained velocity.

    Also, if you DFA Hech, you have no backup shortstop (Camargo doesn’t have enough range). And you have one backup IF total by also DFA’ing Culberson.

  6. @12, my goodness, that’s perfect. He looks like a cross between Wiley Wiggins and Mike Clevinger.

  7. @Ryan C
    I like that roster. This is pretty much what the optimal roster looks like in my mind as well. I’m not sure I care about having Schebler around, I’d imagine that roster spot woukd go to Cluberson or Adeiny. I’d also imagine that Tomlin would keep a bullpen spot even if he is replaced in the rotation, and I’m fine with that.

    Amusingly, just as I was reading this post, Kelsey Wanger II popped up on my TV and reported the alleged good news on Hamels. It really feels weird to be rooting for that guy.

  8. Why in God’s name did Erlin come out to start the inning? This is the dumbest thing that Snitker keeps doing.

  9. It’s hard enough for a good pitcher to go through the lineup a third time, far more difficult for Erlin

  10. Every time Duvall homers, I think of a line from an old Jimmy Buffett song: “Duval Street was rocking.”

  11. I mean, I hear people’s issues with Duvall against righthanders, but you can’t miss middle with a fastball against him.

  12. This one’s for Otzi Nixon from tonight. Actually heard….

    “So this Riley kid is really hot. If our printer up here in the booth had better ink, I could read his stats for the last week. Hey Joe… Can you get ink refills at Shaw’s? I bet you can… Or they can find more ink for you.”

  13. Did anyone hear the opening of the Braves pregame on TV? It was hilarious. Chip started out and he messed up a few words. He then says something like “Well that wasn’t good, let’s stop it and start over. Oh, I guess we can’t, we’re live. ” Francoeur sat there the whole time with an embarrassed look on his face but didn’t say anything. Priceless!

  14. Here for the crow.

    Having said that… the current run of the Braves didn’t ‘get good’ out of the ‘rebuild’ until they started hitting HRs.

    HRs and Ks pitching wins games. Since the Braves are ~5th in HRs, its fine that the pitching is middle of the pack, IMO.

    This is one of the best bullpens Atlanta has ever had, FWIW.

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