Future Quotes from Chip Caray and Game Thread

In where we guess how Chip Caray will spin the lack of deals at the trade deadline.

Caray on Cole Hamels

“A lot of fans wanted the Braves to get a frontline starter at the trade deadline, but the Braves think they already have him here in Cole Hamels. Folks might forget, he won 17 games way back in 2011.”

“What you get with a guy like Hamels is someone who knows pitching and throws strikes. He may not be what he was in 2008 but he’ll go to the rubber and give you 5 innings.”

“When we look back on the Hamels signing, while he hasn’t pitched in actual competitive games, partner you’ve got to believe what he’s provided guys like Max Fried and Mike Soroka, off the field, has been worth it’s weight in gold!”

“Hamels is a guys that’s been there, done that. He’s a World Series MVP, so there’s not a single guy the Braves could have acquired that would give them the experience he brings to this young staff come playoff time.”

Carey on Chad Sobotka

“Well partner, the Braves didn’t do much at the trade deadline aside from adding a solid left-handed pitcher in Tommy Milone, but they are getting Chad Sobotka back today after placing Will Smith on the Injured List. Jeff, some might not remember but Sobotka has been moved up and down more than a tiny shirt on Chris Farley and he’s very good at being ready when called upon and that’s because he’ll know he won’t be used unless the Braves are getting pounded. You always need a veteran presence like that around.”

Carey on Mike Foltynewicz

“Folty starts the game with a fastball high for ball one, and with that, he has officially qualified for the loss.”

“You know partner, losing some of his velocity may be a good thing if Foltynewicz went down to the alternate training site and learned how to be a pitcher and not just a thrower.”

“Folty looks like he has been eating some pizza! He has been putting on some weight and has gained his fastball velocity back.”

Carey on Folty and Hamels

“In a season where teams are seeing each other so often, it’s actually an advantage for Atlanta that Folty and Hamels haven’t pitched. The other teams don’t really have a book on them.”

Caray on Ozzie Albies

“Alex looked into a left handed second baseman to fill in and then go to the bench but when you can get an all star back at that position, that’s as good as it gets. Then you get a high caliber starting worthy 2nd base in Camargo off the bench.”

“Albies, after missing some time with a sore wrist is back in the line up tonight. He will deepen and bolster this Atlanta Braves lineup, it will almost like making a trade for a big bat at the deadline to give your team a spark.”

“Well partner, I bet the time off for Ozzie will be a huge benefit for him. His legs are fresh. He isn’t worn down by the long season. Uh, I know it’s only a 60 game season, but each game means so much more mentally.”

Caray on Nick Markakis

“Nick Markakis is going to go down as one of the Braves’ greatest free agent signings of all time. Nick Markakis is going to go down as one of the Braves’ greatest free agent signings of all time. Nick Markakis is going to go down as one of the Braves’ greatest free agent signings of all time. Have I said that 3 times? Well, how about 4. Nick Markakis is going to go down as one of the Braves’ greatest free agent signings of all time”

Caray on Scott Schebler

“That ball is walloped… DEEP to right center, welcome to the Braves, Scott Scheb—actually, Robles is able to track it down just shy of the track for out number two…”

Caray on Sean Newcomb

“If he’s going to be the #2 starter the Braves need him to be, Newcomb needs to go deeper into games. He can do that by pitching to contact. Don’t have to rack up the strikeouts to be a big league pitcher.”

Caray on Tucker Davidson

“When you’re talking about a guy like Davidson, you know all about the pure stuff, what you don’t hear about is the hard work he’s put in to get here. What we need to see is the ability to throw strikes and trust your defense.”

“Tucker Davidson another one of these highly regarded prospects the Braves have accumulated over the last few years. Let’s see if he can follow Ian Anderson’s debut and have an impact on the club as well.”

Tonight’s Lineup

Author: Ryan Cothran

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50 thoughts on “Future Quotes from Chip Caray and Game Thread”

  1. Gold, Ryan. Pure gold.

    But don’t forget Caray on Mike Clevinger: “Sure, he’s 4-0 in September. But remember: some of those starts would have gone to some of the young guns who’ll need the experience in the playoffs.”

  2. Former Braves tomato can Ryan Weber on the mound for Boston tonight, and getting absolutely smoked so far. Highlighted by Ozuna hitting one out onto the street and Riley hitting a 417-foot double to the Bermuda triangle area in right-center.

  3. Yes, Ryan, that was Mac-like, which is as high as praise gets around here. You’ve obviously listened to a lot of Chip.

  4. Ender’s ft/sec sprint speed has decreased to 25, which is about 17 MPH. As a point of comparison, I’ve been able to reach 16 MPH on this treadmill that lets you go that fast at my gym. And I’m not fast. At all. 16 years ago, in high school, my friend would tell me, “It looks like you run with a parachute behind you.”

  5. @14
    What was Ender’s sprint speed in 2017? What is DuVall’s right now? Is that info free to the public or is it behind a pay wall?

  6. Joe Simpson has actually been good on radio. There’s less time on radio for inane banter. You mostly get just the game.

  7. Another pitiful bit of contact from Ender but this time it bounced high enough for even him to beat out.

  8. I was afraid he was gonna somehow get thrown out on it after finding out that he’s as slow as Rob…ha!

  9. Pretty crazy to think that I would have probably finished within a step of the throw, I guess? Wonder what his sprint speed was on that.

    I thought that it was a really bad sign that Ian was being promoted out of need and not necessarily because he had earned it. I guess that shouldn’t be a consideration.

  10. Ozuna was giving himself some sort of bizarre pep talk right before the pitch on which he launched the ball into the parking lot. Not sure what it was, but I guess it worked.

  11. Austin Riley, AAAA Hitter Extraordinaire has really silenced Critic Knockahoma.

    @24 My brother and I were discussing this the other night. I was expecting him to be a suitable replacement as a RH cleanup hitter (TM), but saw him as a downgrade. But not only is his triple slash line so far better than Donaldson’s, but he feels to me like a scarier, more clutch presence in the lineup. Also, I find him infinitely more likable. I hated rooting for Donaldson. His game was great, but I hated his face, his hair and his attitude. He always struck me as a real dickhead.

  12. Ugh, why isnt Ynoa in mop up duty here :(

    Wowzuna indeed. Resigning him is a tough decision, between his age, salary and defense…..but I will try to enjoy it while he is here.

  13. Is Chip saying “Tail of the Tape” or “Tale of the Tape”?

    I’m guessing he was already warmed up when the game was still close. Most guys say that if they are asked to warm up, they may as well pitch.

  14. 36

    …thus saving 100 plus million… what are we paying Marcel?

    Good to see Donaldson being termed a dickhead for the first time in these pages…he was that and more.

  15. It appears the Marlins and Red Sox have traded places this year. The Red Sox are really bad. I wonder if they turn it around next year or if they stay bad for a while.

  16. @44
    Marcell was signed at 18MM. I’d advocate giving him 5/100MM.

    Were there any stories/incidents that back up my Dickhead Donaldson assertion? I felt like he often failed to run out fly balls and grounders, but that could have been ordered by management, given his leg health problems. I think I saw him turn a presumed homer and likely XBH into a single a la RAJ a few times, and for some reason not suffer the same repercussions as Ronald. That stuff bothered me, but I think most of my issues with him were mostly superficial. He just looks like an aggressive bully meathead idiot. Marcell on the other hand seems like he’s always in a good mood, always laughing and smiling. I really like the energy he appears to exude.

  17. I told a friend that someone had nicknamed Marcell “Mime” after the great Marcel Marceau. My friend writes back, “What’s his walkup music?” I thought about it all day and decided it would have to be John Cage’s 4’33”.

  18. Feels good to have always been vehemently opposed here to acquiring Bumgarner all throughout 2019. That disaster could be seen coming a mile away.

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