Braves Roster News and Game Thread

Braves are pulling into Miami on 2 deflated tires, but I’m hopeful that help is on the way. Yesterday, the Braves received some good news about a recently DFA’d player:

“Instant depth” is the word that comes to mind, but let’s not forget that Scott Schebler was a good player for the Reds a few years back and could be a valuable bench player should Braves choose to use his services.

Updates on Braves Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies

Getting the boys back together for the next homestand would be great and it’s looking to be a real possibility. If Acuña, Albies, and Matt Adams become available to return next week, the Braves have got some hard decisions to make on the 28-man roster.

Braves Make David Lee’s Day!

I cannot imagine starting a newsletter focused on the Braves Minor Leagues the year that there’s no Minor Leagues. Getting a look at one of the scrimmages will be nice for David and the rest of us who enjoy keeping tabs on the prospects.

Braves Lineup vs. the Marlins

We were hoping for a Cristian Pache sighting, but not yet. Wright takes the mound and the Braves try to restart winning ways in Miami.

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40 thoughts on “Braves Roster News and Game Thread”

  1. I’m not sure I’d go so far as to call Schebler “good.” He makes Adam Duvall look like Yasiel Puig.

  2. Adams might be a DFA candidate if he comes off the IL. Markakis has more or less taken his spot in the lineup.

  3. The quotes from Snitker saying whoever starts Sunday depends on who comes out of the bullpen today and tomorrow leads me to believe they are leaning towards Bryse Wilson.

  4. Did Kyle Wright’s momma ever sit him down and tell him about the balls and the strikes?

  5. His teammates just evened up the score and he thanked them by walking the leadoff man on four pitches. You just don’t belong in the majors if you can’t throw a single stinking strike to the leadoff man.

  6. I’ve been working out a thought concerning Braves and their development of pitchers…

    Is the philosophy of developing pitchers with multiple pitches slowing the development down of their best pitches? It just seems like we hear things about these kids fastballs coming out the gate then when they get here, it’s like the fastball is the same as advertised when drafted.

    It’s quite annoying.

    The only guys bucking those trends are guys that have went to Driveline in the offseason.

  7. Luke Jackson remains clearly less than good, but he is now deep on the list of pitching problems.

  8. Getting embarrased tonight… what would this be, a 4 game losing streak? That’s what, equivalent to a 10 game streak? Feels like the latter.

  9. Cheer up…

    earlier we had a pretty brilliant pun during the Barcelona/Bayern cup tie…

    Barca were all over them, won 8-2

    8-2, Brutus?

  10. Did Coppy throw an ashtray because we drafted Wright? Or, did Coppy’s throwing of the ashtray cause us to draft Wright?

  11. At this juncture, it’s somewhat hard to believe that Wright was the fifth overall pick in the draft.

  12. @25

    The Braves need to stop drafting on polish, and focus on stuff, IMO.

    Minus Touki and Soroka’s breaking pitches, I faced nastier stuff in HS.

    Too many finesse nibblers.

    Since TINSTAAPPS, I take my chances with stuff progressing to polish instead of polish without stuff.

    Winning games with pitching and defense is hard.

    The Braves also need a sports psychologist BADLY. Or fire the one they have. Today.

  13. Chief @34

    This is startling news about your HS prowess. Don’t you now wish you had carried it forward?

    And yes we have needed a sports shrink, on the staff, since it became known how much Smoltz had been helped.

    Wright may be unique though, scary even. Is it 4 games in a row now he has produced an identical performance where the first two innings his fast ball is unhittable and dominates but then the antithesis of that appears where he can’t locate it and he is lost. Very sad. Get him help, you have to feel for the guy.

  14. We are tired. Swanson a good example, looks exhausted. Kept dropping the ball, literally. What to do?

    D’Arnaud is a rock. I join Bethany in her conversion.

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