NLCS, Game 6: Braves vs. Dodgers

It’s cliche, yes, but every single Braves fan out there would’ve taken the current scenario if asked about it a month ago. Despite the fact Mike Soroka tore his achilles, Felix Hernandez opted out, Mike Foltynewicz became a skeleton, Sean Newcomb forgot how to throw a strike, and Cole Hamels threw 3.1 innings, the Braves are up 3-2 on the Dodgers with their 2 aces fully rested for Game 6 and Game 7. That’s exciting and it’s these times that we need perspective. In a year where most experts thought there’d be no way to finish a 60 game season, the Braves did not skip a single game and have not had one positive COVID test throughout the season. That’s awesome. This team’s awesome. And we have an awesome group of people here. Despite the fact that the world is a mess, we here at Braves Journal have been able to smile at an unforgettable baseball season. That is enough and getting to the World Series is the gravy to the Rally Potato (if you missed that, just look it up).

Looking into the Future

If it just so happens that the Braves win this series and move on to the World Series, how does that fare for our starting pitching considering Max Fried will be starting tonight. Let’s check out what the scenario would look like should they win tonight, then look what it would look like if they took the series in Game 7.

Should the Braves Win Tonight

  • Saturday: Max Fried
  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday, Game 1 World Series: Ian Anderson
  • Wednesday, Game 2 World Series: Bryse Wilson
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Game 3 World Series: Max Fried
  • Saturday. Game 4 World Series: Kyle Wright
  • Sunday, Game 5 World Series: Ian Anderson
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Game 6 World Series: Bryse Wilson
  • Wednesday: Game 7 World Series: Max Fried

Both Anderson and Fried could make 2 appearances each should the Braves have to go the full series if the Braves can pull a win off tonight.

Should the Braves Win Tomorrow

  • Saturday: Max Fried
  • Sunday: Ian Anderson
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday, Game 1 World Series: Bryse Wilson?
  • Wednesday, Game 2 World Series: Kyle Wright?
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Game 3 World Series: Fried
  • Saturday. Game 4 World Series: Anderson
  • Sunday, Game 5 World Series: Bryse
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Game 6 World Series: Fried
  • Wednesday: Game 7 World Series: Anderson

This is a tough scenario as the Braves would have no choice but to either start Bryse Wilson in Game 1 or make it a bullpen game and push him back. Either way, Fried wouldn’t be available until Friday and Anderson Saturday with both of them available later should Snitker choose to pitch them on short rest.

Braves Lineup

Finish them. Win this one for the Skipper.

Author: Ryan Cothran

Ryan is the site editor and manager of Braves Journal. Follow him on Twitter.

104 thoughts on “NLCS, Game 6: Braves vs. Dodgers”

  1. I don’t like the lack of pitch taking and the bad swings. Need to get into their pen and a 7 pitch inning isn’t a great start

  2. This won’t matter unless the bats come out of hibernation mode. Also, something’s wrong with Acuña.

  3. Let’s face it, the Dodgers can hit. Maybe Kyle Wright doesn’t suck so bad after all.

  4. Another professional called strike three. Dude is the most professional level strikeout hitter in the lineup

  5. What is it with Markakis watching a strike-3 fastball right down the pipe this series? That’s like the 5th time.

  6. We have struggled in this situation all year and like what many have said it cost us at the worst time

  7. Markakis is old and doesn’t really belong in the league anymore and Buehler is throwing 99. It’s inevitable.

  8. It’s the K looking that bugs me.

    Buehler is a good pitcher, but we’re back in hibernation mode. Bases loaded. No outs. And not one damn run. Grrr!

  9. @20

    He can’t catch up to the fastball anymore. There’s really no point in him even swinging at a 100 mph heater. He’s not gonna get anywhere near it, anyway.

  10. Markakis needs to go. Hell, I could stand up there with the bat on my shoulder and start walking toward the dugout before the umpire even calls strike three. What a loser. Veteran presence, my ass.

  11. Alright, everybody switch chairs, change TVs, find a new hat, switch to harder liquor. Whatever go can do to change up the old mojo, cuz this ain’t working.

  12. God I will be so glad to be rid of Markakis after this season. I realize it’s not his fault we keep running his busted old self out there, but all the same… vaya con dios, man.

  13. Walker hasn’t even had to dip into his breaking stuff yet. Just beating the Braves on straight up gas. That’s… not good.

  14. His wrist is probably bothering him some (he did aggravate it the other night), but I don’t think he’s putting together very good at-bats, either. Every ball in play is an ineffectual fly out.

  15. He should be out. That’s absolutely clear and convincing, or should be.

    UPDATE: Absolutely absurd. You’re using the call of an umpire who didn’t actually get a clear view of it in the first place as completely sacrosanct…it’s dumb. But you already knew that.

  16. He was out. We’re screwed this series.

    Seriously, why even have those idiots watching the replay if they’re that bad at their job?

  17. @38 FOX’s potential World Series ratings.

    Max has righted the ship. Time for the bats to follow.

  18. I’m just going to jump ahead here, even though nothing is settled and nothing is over. IF they blow this, it wasn’t because the Dodgers were just better, or Soroka got hurt, or Duvall got hurt, or Ronald’s wrist I was sore. It was because Braves players didn’t make the play in the big spots.

  19. The whole point of Neck is supposed to be that he can “at least get the ball into play” and have “smart at-bats” and he can not provide that any longer. Not sure why seeing him get obliterated by Walker in game 1 wasn’t enough for Snit.

  20. @44 – Hahahaha. That’s great.

    Fried has been fine. Nothing wrong with him tonight. Our at bats have been atrocious when in position to do something. Very frustrating.

    Also – Fried is getting squeezed again from the very first batter.

  21. Aw dammit. But we’re swinging the bats. No reason we can’t win this game.

  22. They’ve hit Buehler well. Six hits plus Riley has a sharp liner to center (but not in the at bat when they needed it) and now that bomb by Marcell that Mookie made the great catch on. Lots of tough luck.
    I fully realize that the failure of Riley and Kakes to make contact in the second is huge. But my point is they’ve otherwise put a lot of good ABs together. And Max has done his job after the first.

  23. And God, I love Freddie. Tight and tense ballgame, and he’s still chatting up Bellinger and making him laugh. What a guy!!

  24. I hope those extra few pitches Max threw after walking Bellinger don’t prevent him from starting the 6th. At 85 now, I believe.

  25. I don’t often agree with you, Chief, but sometimes it is difficult to figure how this team has won the games they have in the last 3 years. All the talent in the world. It is still all ahead of us. Do something with it!

  26. Shoot, that was Riley’s pitch. He murdered it but he couldn’t keep it fair.

  27. I wish I had high hopes, but they’re going to blow this after being up 2-0 and 3-1. I doubt they score another run in the series.

  28. Well, I’m sure everyone else placed prop bets on Neck getting a stand-up triple, but I for one am pleasantly surprised.

  29. Not leaving Buehler in to at least get Markakis and Pache out was a thunderously stupid move. All gifts greatly appreciated, though.

  30. Yeah, John. I’d like to see you hit that. As I recall, Glavine was the one with the bat.

    And now the ump is calling the high strike. Really??

  31. The team does not look loose, they look defeated. I hope Snit can help them be focused and put forth a good effort tomorrow, and that they don’t spiral like they did last year.

  32. The three runs in the first was like a shot to the stomach. They never really got off the canvas after that.

    Max pitched great after that. Ian will have to do the same tomorrow, hopefully beginning with the first pitch.

  33. And you Barved it up just in time for my heart attack coming next. Dawgs/Bama…because I need more agita. Oy!

    One more to go. It’s still there for the taking. I said Braves in 7. And it will be!!

  34. Dodgers in 7. This is a classic Braves playoff meltdown.

    There’s no bright sides here. You get this close to the dance, you have to seal the deal. It might not line up this way again for decades.

  35. There is no meltdown. It’s an even series between two evenly matched teams, and the odds for tomorrow’s game are just about even.
    Of course I’ll be bitterly disappointed if they don’t win, but I prefer to save my disappointment. I understand, though, that others deal with it better by anticipating the worst.

  36. So which pitchers are available tomorrow? Not Fried, and probably not Minter, Wilson, or Ynoa. Nobody pitched both yesterday and today, so it seems like everyone else should be available. I’d rather not see Wright, Tomlin, or Webb. That leaves eight: Anderson, Melancon, Martin, Matzek, Greene, O’Day, Smith, and Dayton. Hope Anderson can go five.

  37. Oops sorry looks like “Will Smith” got lost looking for his only good pitch and is unavailable for the rest of the series.

  38. Just now saw the score….sad. I don’t know how to divide the blame between Ozuna’s blunder yesterday and will smith suckage. Whatever happened today and happens tomorrow will be due to crapping the bed in game 5.

    Freddie disappeared in the playoffs last year, due to injury, now its acunas turn.

  39. We’ve still got as good a chance as anybody to win tomorrow. Marcell nearly hit a homer and Riley nearly hit a homer, but Marcell’s turned into a loud out and Riley’s turned into a loud strike, and yet another bases-loaded-no-outs yielded zero runs.

    If we could even score half the men who get to third base with nobody out, we’d likely win tomorrow’s game.

  40. I understand, though, that others deal with it better by anticipating the worst. not leaving Buehler in to at least get Markakis and Pache out was a thunderously stupid move. tight and tense ballgame and he’s still chatting up Bellinger and making him laugh. I fully realize that the failure of Riley and Kakes to make contact in the second is huge.

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