As Braves get prepared to beat the ever lovin’ piss out of the Phillies again, and we prepare to gloat in this Braves game thread, let’s check out some good news and not so good news our our 2 young stars.

Braves Game Thread: Injury Updates

Assuming it’ll take Ronald Acuna Jr.4-5 days to get game ready, Friday of this week seems like a good estimate to see him back in action. Needless to say, Ozzie Albies will not be on that same timeline, and we’ll keep our fingers and toes crossed that he’ll be back at some point in 2020.

Paula Caray Passes Away

Lots of great memories with Skip. Rest in peace, Paula. Here’s a neat excerpt from an AJC article on Paula’s passing:

“Paula Caray continued to live in Atlanta and kept up the home’s basement turned museum, with whole walls devoted to the Braves’ 1995 World Series championship. Paula Caray recently reminisced on her husband’s career in an interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in May.”

Chris Vivlamore

Need a Hat?

I’ve been shaving my head for 20+ years so naturally I wear a hat everywhere I go (also, I’ve had way too many pieces cut off of me in the past decade to not wear one), so naturally when this beauty popped up, I had to grab it. It’s the first hat I’ve ever purchased that ran north of $30. Track record broken.

Wither Matt Adams, add another Former Brave?

Tommy is a brilliant writer but hasn’t been writing much lately (which saddens me), but he might be on to something here. Tommy La Stella can play 3 IF positions and is a good LH stick that’s likely better than Matt Adams.

Braves Game Thread: Tonight’s Lineup

Get that W, gents.

If you haven’t been around these past few days, you missed a great piece by Jonathan so check it out here.