Tonight, the Braves have a David vs. Goliath matchup with Bryse Wilson, who has collected 3 career wins, versus Clayton Kershaw, who has collected 3 career Cy Young awards. Yikes.

Like Kyle Wright (until last night), Wilson has had better results lately with a 2.08 ERA his last 4 appearances mainly relying on 2 fastballs. Put mildly, those 2 fastballs better be perfect tonight.

As stated, Clayton Kershaw is on the mound and he’s really good no matter the handedness of the hitter (think whole lineup of 2020 Ender Inciartes), but he’s slightly less good against RHHs so the Braves have stacked the lineup with 8 players that will hit from that side.

Braves Lineup

I think this is the best we can do against Kershaw without Adam Duvall. I hope it works. 2-2 vs. 3-1 is, obviously, a huge difference and I’d love nothing more than for the Braves to have to win 1 of 3 rather than 2 of 3.