Braves Roster News and 9/8 Game Thread

Today Braves Roster News likely marks the end of an era for a Braves player, and depending on who you ask, it’s a sigh of relief or a gnashing of teeth.

Yes, the worst news here is Max Fried, but it might not actually be a bad thing as David noticed something during Fried’s last outing. If Culberson doesn’t get claimed, I assume he’d go to the alt-training site to finish out the year.

Minor League News

William Woods, who has never really been on my radar, has been added to the player pool, quickly making me do research on who the heck is this kid. As we’ve seen with so many, new technological advances in the form of programs like DriveLine can boost players value seemingly overnight and it’s apparent someone has been impressed with Woods.

Pair of Braves Receive Weekly Honors

While Marcell Ozuna floundered in run scoring opportunities yesterday, it’s hard to argue that his prior week was nothing short of spectacular and I don’t think Adam Duvall is getting enough credit on the field and at the plate (now up to a .877 OPS).

New 3 Flags Flying Podcast

This was a lot of fun! Here’s where you all can listen.

Tonight’s Braves Lineup

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36 thoughts on “Braves Roster News and 9/8 Game Thread”

  1. Here is the list of worst Braves ERAs for players with at least 20 starts.

    The suspects ububba listed in the last thread is a damn good list. Wisler is in 8th. You left out Shane Reynolds (who actually had a winning record!) and Odalis Perez (which surprises me, because I remember Odalis as having some promise). Len Barker is at #20, and, just to provide a curve, Paul Byrd is #34.

  2. So the Official Rotation from Hell is a couple of ububba’s guys (LaCorte and Easterly, to be specific), Jo-Jo Reyes (who comes in at No. 1 on this list), Kyle Davies and Shane Reynolds (who I did indeed forget).

    We also forgot about either one or both Williams Perez. He comes in at No. 9.

  3. Wright really struggles to keep the ball down. He can put a wrinkle in it and he’s got some heat, but he just can’t consistently command his pitches yet.

  4. Starting to think he’s a reliever. Can’t face the lineup more than once before getting in trouble.

  5. This season sure got flushed in a hurry. We won’t be leading the division by the end of the day tomorrow

  6. I’d say the season got Snitkered after punting those games against the nats.
    On the plus side, our relievers will get lots of rest in October.

  7. @11 at least everyone outside of Snit seemed to understand that Wright struggles the second time around. But hey, maybe this time was going to be different

  8. Well it’s a shame that instead of a guy throwing 100 gas on the regular, we favored guys who—checking notes—top at 95, throw everything straight, and walk the yard. But hey, at least he went to vandy.

  9. I’m labeled as a curmudgeon here… ahem, but I am 100% convinced that the Braves organizational processes around pitching are flawed.

    Yes, TINSTAAPP, but this is p*ss poor all the way around outside of Soroka. Fried was traded for.

    Neither Touki, Bryse Wilson, or Wright will ever be an effective MLB pitcher in Atlanta. They may somewhere else, but it ain’t gonna happen in the ATL.

  10. @8
    Not only was that conversation with Joe Governor pointless and gross, but the way thebroadcast was far more focused on him than on the game had me trembling with rage. How incredibly inappropriate. Add in Wright doing typical Wright things, and I was about to throw an ash tray at my TV.

  11. Fried was traded for as an injured prospect. The Braves deserve a great deal of credit for his player development.

  12. I think Chief is on to something. It seems our success rate with high end pitching prospects has been pretty bad. I’m not sure if it has to do with how the organization pushes a very rigid, one size fits all approach that tries to develop every guy the same way, regardless of strengths and weaknesses, which some have implied over the years. It could just be bad luck, but looking at how dominant Lucas Sims and Matt Wisler, and even Kolby Allard’s stuff ticking up (he still seems to suck, but he’s doing it with better stuff and actually generating K’s), it gives me “at least reason to believe” that the organization is failing somehow.

  13. IMO, in the Braves desire to develop balanced pitchers with ‘poise and mound presence’, they’ve managed to create an environment where the pitchers have neither amazing stuff, NOR command and control.

    I think you can win with either. The Braves SPs have neither. You could say that Touki’s stuff is electric but IMO any MLB batter worth their salt isn’t going to be dazzled by occasional curves that break 2 feet when the other pitches have ZERO command. You have on the other extreme, pitchers that should be guile types, that have no guile. We have try hard types that aren’t nearly as talented as originally thought. Bryse Wilson has very little talent. Sorry but just no. He’s a supposed bulldog, without the actual bulldog will to win, ability to get by with subpar stuff, IMO.

    I’d probably DFA Wright. Career ERA after tonight is going to be over 8. WHIP over 2.

    That dog ain’t ever going to hunt. Ever. I’d bet the list of guys that have pitched 40+ MLB innings that had ERAs close to 9 and WHIPs over 2 that ever amounted to squat is pretty low…

    They seem enamored with a certain body type and mound demeanor and just a certain look about a pitcher instead of results or measurables or general sense of stuff vs. command.

  14. Chief, I’m pretty sure you’ve already DFA’d Wright.

    He sucks right now. I also don’t believe the Braves player development and field staff have put him in the best place to succeed. I think we’re both agreeing on both of those points. I don’t buy that he’s anywhere close to a lost cause yet. But there’s also a serious question — what are the Braves going to do, other than keep him on the shuttle and let him get bombed in the occasional major league spot start?

    Obviously, I think he should be used as an opener, or, hell, even as a 7th-inning guy: the Sean Newcomb strategy. Either he builds his confidence and works his way back to appearances where he’s asked to get more than 3-6 outs, or he finds a role to thrive in.

    But whatever they do, the only one thing they really shouldn’t do is the same damn thing over and over again.

  15. I saw signs in Kyle Wright tonight that made me want to see him again. I didn’t see that the first go around.

  16. Tonight the Braves made the Marlins look like the better team. The only exception was Freddy.

    Oh, and not re-signing Matt Joyce is looking more and more like a mistake. I think I’d rather have Matt Joyce than Nick Markakis.

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