Sunday Night Braves Game Thread!

Braves try to sweep the Phillies tonight and I try to multitask and not burn these damn green beans. Many are hacked off about Ender Inciarte being included in the lineup again when Cristian Pache is clearly the better choice. Here was Snitker’s response:

This disturbs me and these green beans won’t allow me to go on the rant that this thought deserves.

Great News on Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ian Anderson

Tuesday could be a really special day for Braves fans.

Tonight’s Braves Lineup

Get that W, gents.

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24 thoughts on “Sunday Night Braves Game Thread!”

  1. Snit loses all credibility when he says the name Ender in the same sentence as “looking for offense”. Unless he means he has been looking for offense from Ender like the rest of us for the last 3 years

  2. If you were just looking for offense, you’d DFA Inciarte.

    EDIT: What he said.

  3. Alex Bohm sure is not enjoying the Georgia red clay over the the hot corner.

  4. Well with Touki pitching tonight, it will almost certainly be Ian Anderson starting Tuesday.

  5. I read somewhere a retired pitcher explaining that guy got in trouble with balls and walks when they didn’t trust their stuff to be effective in the zone. This lead to “nibbling”and walks.

    So do we think Braves call-ups are having trouble with command or do they not trust their stuff when they get tot he bigs?

  6. I don’t understand why of all the prospects, they keep using Touki out of the pen. He’s a guy with several pitches, his future is clearly as a starter.

  7. @12 – Agreed. It’s like the opposite of their Newcomb treatment – dude should clearly be a bullpen arm.

  8. D’arnaud should be whipping boy for the night.
    Doesnt run out a pop fly that drops, and still gets picked off at first base.

  9. The second coming of the Boston pen poses a threat, unlike the first. D’Arnaud is exhausted, play one of the kids. Carmago in the box looks as though each leg is supported by a spring – stand still! Masteck horrid in his first innings, great improvement subsequently. Big sigh of relief.

    We will not win this one. May I be wrong.

  10. Why even have the catcher blocking home plate rule if they wont enforce it. Swanson shouldve just run over Knapp.
    And he better not be hurt from sticking his shoulder into knapps knee.

  11. I actually agreed with the call. If the catcher’s not allowed to go catch the ball, I’m not sure what the point is. Like, he has to let the throw go because it would force him into the path of the base runner? Meaning he has to let us tie the game? That doesn’t make any sense at all. He went into the path to catch the ball and immediately tagged Dansby when he caught it (making a great play actually).

    I initially thought Wash should’ve held Swanson at third, but looking at it again, Dansby was absolutely booking and, as fast as he was running, I think sending him was the right call. If they don’t put a really good throw somewhere between where they did and the plate, we tie the game.

  12. I agree that Dansby was most likely out on the last play. The thing that no one talked about was that the catcher bobbled the ball as he tagged Swanson. Not sure if that was an issue or not.

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