I have been lucky to have the opportunity to recap Fried’s outings because I love watching him pitch so well. I just realized Fried has not actually won any of the games I recapped. That made me sad. The situation became that much worse when he came out of the gate giving up a HR, a walk, two wild pitches, and a comebacker off the pitching hand. And that was that. My evening was pretty much ruined with the Dodgers up 4-0 after two innings.  The Braves had not even scratched out a baserunner. And Fried was out of the game. Of course, the Braves said X-Rays were negative which was good but that sure doesn’t help us win this particular game.  And it doesn’t make me feel much better.

I have to believe that Fried would have recovered and pitched, ultimately, OK, but we’re never gonna know. I don’t what was wrong with him before the comebacker and I don’t know if Dansby’s bobble should have been an error. It sure seems like another example of the Braves defense being short of perfect. And depth or not, the Braves should not need a Newk near no-hitter or a grand slam by Acuna to beat the Dodgers. The Braves are not that bad and the Dodgers are not that good; the Braves are just snakebit.  This trip is beginning to look like the annual West Coast swoon.

I really had something clever planned to lead off this recap but I don’t think this game deserves it. I guess I’ll save it for another post later in the year.  After five perfect innings, TFlow finally broke up the perfect game with a single to LF in the 6th.  Not that it mattered as the runner was eventually doubled up and Ryu still faced only the minimum.  The Dodgers and Ryu were so “perfect” that, in the 7th, after Freddie got two strikes on him, they unshifted.  Justin Turner moved back to 3rd and on the next pitch, Freddie hit a squib right to him.  Naturally, Cody Bellinger followed with a running stab at an Acuna sinking liner.  Had he not made that 5-star catch, the Braves likely would have scored their first run and Acuna might have even circled the bases.

The Braves’ relievers pitched well except for the “Blevins experience”, which included Turner’s 3rd HR of the game including his 6th RBI.  But, in the end, again, their performance didn’t matter as this game was lost in the 1st inning.  The only real reason to watch until the end was to see if Ryu was going to pitch a solid “Maddux”.  He did.  I may throw up.